Top 10 STEM toys for the holidays

The Toy Insider mom Laurie Schacht shares what's on her STEM 10 list of the toys.
10:00 | 11/16/18

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Transcript for Top 10 STEM toys for the holidays
Hi everybody I'm Diane Macedo coming cue from ABC news studios in New York it is time to start thinking about the holiday season. And for those of you wanna get the kids playing and learning toy insider mount liberation act is here to share that's her list. Top ten stamps noises to get kids into science and added radiology airing and that that just shows the good say you know the skeptics can be tricky in school and learn. Bite like they have a lot more fun. And the skeptics become much easier and get more interest at the start with chemistry it's. Well to this is Crayola color chemistry of betrayal would think of putting collar into everything names amp sound and they are opt. Different experiments that you can do you fifteen up man everything is included in the that's great so they. Well he networks and ask you to act. And tablets. We couldn't do this to you but let's just with the Collard. Much what we every action. And it's all about the kids learning that and the actions they keep me gummy worms all kinds of fun things. At me. There is some boggling. And it will continue to bubble up there recount. Is a volcano. It's on alert and make different colors with different died. Com and it just put little in the united my first work and great friend and we have not sleep well. It even past I'd like that. And then we can do it reverts to take. Way it is really great Rick if it's and those currently engineering skills at them. I'm not used his. But that some of them right. This is Howard discovery X 39. Cell chemistry woods yet sell it. Well now we're talking it. Still we have all into things to expand again I am taking orders acid in here. And that at this rate it if we get any kind of reaction to this also comes back what at what. Man exhibit. At. So we'll see it is saying at upwelling. Owing to you not think. Things about how well. Because they're older. They're going up an account. And have a lot but. They let don't know. Harry I. Loved it so Alan Fisher Price rocked the light. And it. Re not. In use in half out. Are octopus and tell us and urgently instruments which were happening now in game and it's not about color. But right in and use. At. We. Now with Ed and will likely be days act have outlook silent I had. Alan it's that's an hour. And a great time every month. My including me leading me. On. That you share. Now let's keep Turkey out my hurt and not expect. That Sammy it. Coat place here that. But it. Read it tightly. You know. Start button air. An eerie quiet. Mr. They did it and I am very important part. Of that. Problem solving. The act. Are like you are. The pact that all. But there. Any way out. Acts as. Well we have our shop. And if different ice at but now we've added Alan it's a lot of flat rate it. Who take apart at act and think my right mind it's really staying on the path of art and it's easy. Arie. Well how start. Every light. Art. Like cardboard. I'll action. Our new. And it and built the steering the car. The airplane that that would. Act. I this all kidnapped. Migration. Aged and our arts. Me. Right. Now I have. Now. Sent. Me. There are ways. To act and it. Means. An earth experienced the switch it. Out. And and I. Act. Oh. It's pretty openly advocates. And creatures. In. The and there it. How half the school. And in Atlanta held in. Action. Each. Aren't these. Teeny creature. That. Mountain town preacher and featured act on the information we have chart out and preachers and actual creatures. Other experiments using a flat that. But it's really also point out that way electing a lot at Dover man. Mary. Pat take my attic line. Hacks. I'll body next time. You read any that we heard exactly. Now him. It. I'll have some sweet time. And once again just like we talked about when this comes out I think it's hot it's. Nothing hot touched to kick start. A ten and going to pay. I and then once they do that day are going to create their own. Use and age anything and really you right. These costs. And it's an Annie yeah it is that it can be read in creative and finally. I think our veterinary science is so cool. I'd never seen anything I've written well like. Atlantis and I. Light okay. It. Inside animals. We protect ex and we have animal actually happen. Not place that we can mole. On animal. We have what needs me in ditches. And practice. Futures. LA Allen. Hired a company app. That. But it not. At. That really a lot of that all of these things. We. Learned to have a whole lot. You could hear about giving him in the collection plate I holidays and so on but they're learning. And they learn in a way that's probably very different view on that show are right well let's check in lap from you today. Thank you. And remember you can head over to the toy insider website for the toy insider's complete list. A hot holiday lately thanks so much hang out let us thank you guys so much for watching. Incentive plan that. Would drive. Yeah it back.

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{"duration":"10:00","description":"The Toy Insider mom Laurie Schacht shares what's on her STEM 10 list of the toys.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59252857","title":"Top 10 STEM toys for the holidays","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/top-10-stem-toys-holidays-59252857"}