Tracee Ellis Ross celebrates 7th season of 'Black-ish'

Ahead of her birthday, the actress talks about a throwback picture from when she turned 18 that's going viral and addresses rumors about her dating life.
5:46 | 10/21/20

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Transcript for Tracee Ellis Ross celebrates 7th season of 'Black-ish'
thank you for that, robin. You know, right now, let's switch gears and we have an amazing guest. One of our favorites joining us right now. A golden globe winning and Emmy nominated star of the hit show "Black-ish." The series is back tonight for its seventh season. Let's say good morning to Tracee Ellis Ross. Good morning, Tracee. How are you? We are great. It's about you. You have a birthday around the corner, so what is your birthday wish? It's your birthday I will be turning 48 years old and I -- my birthday wish is that everybody get out and vote, everybody get out and Vo, everybody get out and vote. All right. Besides that? That's -- All three of those things, please, all three. All three, all three. So you said 48. But the internet is loving when -- congratulations, that's wonderful and happy birthday to you. A throwback, though. When you were 18, the internet is going crazy over this when it was your 18th birthday and you got -- every hallway is a you got out on the runway with your mom Diana Ross. Tell us about this moment. I was an 18-year-old. 17 at the time and I wanted to model. My walls were plastered with all of the, you know, supermodels and my mom. The fashion show, one of the biggest designers at the time had a big extravagant show and said she would walk in it if she could bring her daughter to walk as well and I flew on the concorde. For those who don't remember it was a 3 1/2 hour ride from new York to Paris on a supersonic jet and got to walk the runway and went back the next year as well but I was a skinny little 17-year-old. You were strutting your stuff. You walked that runway? We have something more sedate right now. To welcome back the seventh season of "Black-ish," that cast poster by kadir Nelson. Tell us about it. Oh, what a wonderful honor. You know, to change it up and not do a photograph to celebrate the new season. He is so extraordinary and he really captures a slice of life and to etch us in "Time" as an American family. You know what was interesting to me looking at the work is in a photograph, you know, the lighting and it's perfect, he captures a sense of life in your face in a way that I was so moved by, particularly looking at the kids, he captured who they've become and regality of what we've been doing for the past seven years and exciting to me to be painted by a special "Black-ish" this season is going to capture our lives right now. It starts the start of the pandemic and beau is an emergency worker. I will never grow tired of honoring your sacrifices, mom, unlike this one. I honor your momma every night she allows me to. Junior, it's okay. I know how you support me. You don't need to clap out loud. You can clap in your heart. You don't mean that. No, I don't. Let me hear it, go, go. Hey. Hey. Hey. I'm essential, I'm essential, hey I'm essential. Thank you for the laughs. You always make us laugh and always a message there as well. Hey, Tracee, you said you weren't sure how it would be being back on the set with everything going on. How has it been? How was it? You know, we've been back for two months now and honestly when we started which I think is what's happening in all industries, anyone that is able to go back to work, you kind of have to reimagine what you did before. And so that's what we've been doing. I'll be honest, it was a little bit like, all right, we'll do the show but we're going to do it underwater with scuba gear. So it just -- there's a lot of safety protocols. It changes the dynamic of what we do but because of the chemistry and the long tread relationships that we have, we've been able to find the joy, but, you know, it's not a joke. And so everybody wears masks and shields and everything happens things take a lot longer. I think you know time on a production is something you kind of work against and now it's something that you have to heed really responsibly and so that there's no, you know, you don't get sloppy with it. It's really a regimened situation. Definitely can't get sloppy with it. We want to ask about your movie "The high note." We love you in "The high note" and had a chance to hear your voice, your song "Love myself" is getting some Oscar buzz. Ooh. Was this something you were expecting? No. No. Of course not. It's crazy and let me telling you something even if it just is Oscar buzz and never turns into anything else, I'm like, whoo! Say it here, let's say it here for the first time, if I get nominated, if it gets nominated with some Oscar buzz and actually happens, I will happily sing at the virtual oscars. There you go. You heard it here first. You heard it here first. That will seal the deal. All right, Tracee, we love having you on the show, thank you very much. Congrats on season seven. Thank you. Premieres tonight right here on ABC at 9:30, 8:30 This year many of us have been worrying a lot

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{"duration":"5:46","description":"Ahead of her birthday, the actress talks about a throwback picture from when she turned 18 that's going viral and addresses rumors about her dating life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73731828","title":"Tracee Ellis Ross celebrates 7th season of 'Black-ish'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/tracee-ellis-ross-celebrates-7th-season-black-ish-73731828"}