How to upgrade your backyard for the perfect summer retreat

Lori Bergamotto, the style director of Good Housekeeping, shares her tips to create a summer getaway at home and stay safe while socializing.
3:17 | 07/01/20

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Transcript for How to upgrade your backyard for the perfect summer retreat
We turn now to our great American cookout series. "Good housekeeping's" Lori bergamotto is joining us this morning to help everybody get ready to host summer gatherings with some safety in mind and some outdoor upgrades. Lori, good to see you. We've been holding off. We haven't been having gatherings and trying to do it safely so that is the key. How can we entertain safely now? So, T.J., the key is if you're going to entertain, you want to have just a small amount of guests. Start there. Have just a few people over and start with a sanitation station. You want to support and encourage your guests to follow the CDC guidelines so what does that mean? Masks, we have disposable, we have cloth. We saw your piece earlier. These are in line with the right kind of masks. Hand sanitizers here. We have some wipes, those are things to encourage safe practices. Okay, that's a really good idea. But some things, hopefully nobody double dips with the chips but still there's some things, the cups and dishware. Some things people have to touch. How do we get around that? Right. For this year, my best advice is to invest in mason jars which are really affordable and what we've done here, we have one waiting for you, T.J., we've prefilled them. We've labeled everyone's and have markers out here and people can take those home. You don't need to San advertise them again afterwards. Let that be a safety souvenir. You want everyone to make sure there are no -- they're not mixing up their drinks, right. Same goes for snacks, T.J., you stole my line will the double dip. What I was going to say it's always been problematic even before there was a global pandemic, but now you want everything individually wrapped and packaged and that includes snacks. So you can see exactly like we did here, people can pick what they want and there's no cross contamination. The double dipping was always nasty, especially during the pandemic, though, Lori. We want to look good as well. What do we do to keep things looking festive? You want to create an outdoor oasis. We love these bistro lights. Look for L.E.D. And waterproof. Those will be more durable and elevate your backyard space. Another thing to keep in mind if you have beach chairs, pull them out. Household items are performing double duty in the summer of 2020 so we have beach chairs with beach towels. They are six feet apart. Again, that is key to remember. Social distancing, when you're entertaining is extremely important even outdoors and it just creates an elevated ambience. It we can do it quickly, water items. A lot are sold out. What do you have? Yes. So look for water pools to come back, inflatable pools the week of July 13th. Until then we have a dog pool with little Ellie. This is great for kids too. We know it's a dog pool but you can fit one child if you get the extra large because they come in sizes. They are great for one adult which is all you really want. We love this fun boy sprinkler. They make fun floats. A great way to keep people distant and still cool down. Lori, I have to leave it. If you have little ones all under $65. I got to leave it. All these tips on Thank you, Lori.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"Lori Bergamotto, the style director of Good Housekeeping, shares her tips to create a summer getaway at home and stay safe while socializing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71549819","title":"How to upgrade your backyard for the perfect summer retreat","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/upgrade-backyard-perfect-summer-retreat-71549819"}