US runners describe Boston Marathon show of sportsmanship

Boston Marathon winner Desiree Linden and her U.S. teammate, Shalane Flanagan, speak out on Linden's decision to slow down her race to wait for Flanagan.
2:42 | 04/17/18

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Transcript for US runners describe Boston Marathon show of sportsmanship
And that is the moment vendetta Clinton became the first American woman to win the Boston Marathon since 1980. I am not here and Manning got seven of the top ten. Bags yet given up American men got sick and dead did it with an incredible show of sportsmanship slow down her race to wait for. Fellow runner and New York City Marathon champs chilling planning and obviously both join us. Now live from Massachusetts ladies and welcome to Good Morning America rats developed video. I'm DeVon got to ask you first evolves so early in the race she weren't feeling well you told showing you were thinking about dropping out what was going on. Yeah if it was pretty nasty out there in all honesty is tough conditions and everyone was kind of hurting. I thought early on that I might be pulling the plug so I just gonna Niger and say hey if I can block the wind your help at all let me know. This time American pride on the line so it was just keeping our best people in the front and I was just trying to do what I can do. I wanna get to that incredible moment of sportsmanship and just a second but Schilling edged as debt as you said conditions were blurred out. Just brutal Heidi you try and convince her to stay in the race and keep running and he's. He had those are probably uses the most brutal in our earliest conditions I have ever competed and knives and running for along time and yeah I was shocked and does kind of nudge me and said like today's not my daily going to be dropping out most likely end. I think I grabbed her shoulder now it's like are you okay and that not just don't Gil good. But I'm so happy she just stopped Wednesday and I think just kind of having each other and having a great American feel really fueled us to keep going it. Did you jump in their me is on the gun the guy can't extradite. What do you guys are talking about a marathon competing against each other is that. Just doesn't jibe with my experience is so help me get third out let me wants to wait and. Ballet I think absolutely prepared but it was a brutal day and honestly the racing doesn't serve really happening in cell. Six miles to go so I think there was a lot of that since I was and I it didn't and couldn't get a loves company and that he can you tell as a real quick why do you slowed down and wait for she claimed she had to use the ladies room can you tell us no flag. Is that he's not alone she talked about is an imminent jump in there and nice so I'll try and help you back to block the wind you know I had offered before and it still wasn't feeling great. And we close that gap and we're back in it so is a great turning point for me and kept showing in and gives a chance massive and a for all of that fits well will festive. When you're and if that happens. Sorry and the suns' Steve running.

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{"id":54522525,"title":"US runners describe Boston Marathon show of sportsmanship","duration":"2:42","description":"Boston Marathon winner Desiree Linden and her U.S. teammate, Shalane Flanagan, speak out on Linden's decision to slow down her race to wait for Flanagan.","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/us-runners-describe-boston-marathon-show-sportsmanship-54522525","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}