Vanessa Hudgens on the time she hung out with Snoop Dogg

The former “High School Musical” icon stars in the new film “Bad Boys for Life” with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.
4:12 | 01/17/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vanessa Hudgens on the time she hung out with Snoop Dogg
And we are very excited to have actress sitting here with us right now. She wowed us in "High school musical" 14 years ago. Wow, it's a long time and now she's teaming up with the legendary "Bad boys." Will Smith and martin Lawrence in "Bad boys for life." Give it up for Vanessa Hudgens. I got to say, I love everything you do. You bring such a great energy. Thank you. To everything that you do. A lot of fun to watch and the "Bad boys for life" premiere was on Tuesday night. Yes. And you brought energy. You stole the show. You stole the red carpet. Wow. I did the most. I did the most. I was like I'm going to have a chiffon and I'm going to have -- bedazzled and feathers and it was just so much fun. I had my sister and my best friend and it was just like a really wonderful thing to be able to celebrate. You brought it. You did. Also you hung out a little bit with snoop Dogg. Got to be a story there. I'm such a big fan. Who isn't? It's snoop. Double G and I literally was like, I'm going to go to the after party right now and I'm going to have some gin and Too much. Too much. I can. I'm done. My life is complete. Got to be complete working with Will Smith and martin Lawrence. How was that. It was the best. They are so kind, so caring like genuinely care about everyone on set. Just comes to work with such energy and positivity. It just was such a lovely work environment like I couldn't have asked for anything better. I think we should see some of that energy. Please. Let's take a look. All right. 2300, wear your Sunday best. This is a grab, no bodies, nonlethal. Nonlethal. Has anyone informed the bad guys? Aclu, rubber, trust me, you'll enjoy them. You get to shoot as much as you Bad boys, bad boys. What you gonna do. Whatcha gonna do -- Hey, huh-uh. No, no. Never. Y'all will never do that again. Just a little girl when the first one came out. Did your parents let me watch? I feel like I eventually got it to on my own time. It's just -- it's something that is part of the zeitgeist I remember loving lil Wayne, obviously I love rap and like him talking about Mike lowery like it's such a part of the culture that it's just -- it's such an honor to be a part of it. To be this bad ass chick. I am shooting guns taking down the bad guys. It's all good. You're saving everybody. You had a little "High school musical" karaoke session and posted a video. Here's a caption, here's a bad aggressive and totally sober version of "Breaking free" yep. And we got it right here. Great. I'm free every time broets break free I'm like flipping my ponytail as much as I can. Oh, my gosh. It's just -- it's aggressive. I love the group in the back, those guys were over there. Come on, pay attention. Do you realize who is sing it? One of the girls in the bar came up to me and my go-to character okey song? I'm like, what. "Breaking free." We should sing it. You sang it. I sang it. Vanessa, we love everything you do. You're crushing it and this movie, "Bad boys for life" hits theaters today. Go check it out.

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"The former “High School Musical” icon stars in the new film “Bad Boys for Life” with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68349407","title":"Vanessa Hudgens on the time she hung out with Snoop Dogg","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/vanessa-hudgens-time-hung-snoop-dogg-68349407"}