Yara Shahidi and Charles Melton open up about 'The Sun is Also a Star'

The stars of the new romantic drama discuss what fans can expect and more.
4:19 | 05/15/19

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Transcript for Yara Shahidi and Charles Melton open up about 'The Sun is Also a Star'
of Hollywood's top young stars, two of my favorite people on the planet. You know her from "Black-ish" and him from "Riverdale" and now starring in "The sun is also a star." Give it up for Yara shahidi and Charles Melton. And we're so excited to have you here. Everyone is but you guys, I heard you're excited for bts. Oh, for sure. Yeah. I'm very excited, very excited. Doing a lot of these. A lot of these. Well, you know what, you do have some dance moves, break up with your girlfriend. Ariana grande's video. Yeah, I was in that. You want to see some dance moves. Yeah, give us something, give us something. That's it. Yara, you know I won't let you off the hook. Give me a little -- What am I doing? A bts move. I like their shoulder thing. When they went back. That, I was like, can I please be a member? I'm sure they'll let you in. Anything is possible. Bts. A whole new career path right now. We're going to talk about your new movie, "The sun is also a star," based on a "New York Times" number one best-selling author Nicola Yoon and not your typical rom-com movie. For sure. I don't know if it would be considered one but it is a young adult romance but at the center two characters that come from cultural rich heritages and meeting my character on the day of her depore take and becomes a major theme in the theme of belonging and express our heritage and in our communities. We're going to take a look at a clip. Everyone, "The sun is also a star." Well, I don't believe in love. What if I told you I could get you to fall in love with me? Scientifically. Just give me a day. One day. Today. I can't. I don't have a day. Do you have an hour? Now, this film, it is a very timely film because about love, it's about adventure. It had you two running all over -- Literally running. You were like in the middle of just New York City, so how was that filming without being able to block off people? People would come up to you. It was really rich. I mean, you know, we'd be filming certain scenes and people would be walking in the scene, hey, man, how is it going, hey, we're actually filming right now. Especially those large exterior outside shots. You can't see the camera so looks like we're just chilling or arguing in the street. There are a couple of times in which our characters are having very loud lively conversations in the middle of the street and I love seeing people's reactions because they couldn't tell if it was real or not and then they'd see us reset and do the same thing over again which made people more confused. Had they don't know that means your acting is superb, by the way. Acting is superb. The thing about this, your chemistry is undeniable. Sitting right here now but it all started in a joint audition when you shared your food. Unheard of. Pop-tarts. Because I will share anything except my dessert. Like it's the one thing. I have an actual tally. Who I split dessert with but it was one of the chemistry meetings -- came in with a box of cupcakes. Our friend Simone makes super cupcakes but one pop-tart. Homemade raspberry. We shared it. After that it was like I guess we're in this together. Sharing dessert. You're a lucky fella. One of three people. One of three. One of three and I got to say, you both have amazing mothers. Yes. I always see your mother every time you'reere and you as well. I want to wish your mothers a belated happy mother's day because they have raised two incredible young adults and I just wanted to say that. You guys are great examples for everybody out there. Many come back and hang out with me any time. And the movie, "The sun is also a star" hits theaters on Friday so make sure you go out and check it out and we've got a

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"The stars of the new romantic drama discuss what fans can expect and more. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63048497","title":"Yara Shahidi and Charles Melton open up about 'The Sun is Also a Star'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/yara-shahidi-charles-melton-open-sun-star-63048497"}