Zach Braff says new TV show 'Alex, Inc.' has same humor as 'Scrubs'

The star of the upcoming series "Alex, Inc." said the show is inspired by a true story and is a mix of comedy and heart.
6:14 | 03/27/18

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Transcript for Zach Braff says new TV show 'Alex, Inc.' has same humor as 'Scrubs'
Our next guest is going from hilarious TV doctor to beloved TV dad in "Alex, inc." The new ABC show from the people who brought you "Scrubs," give it up for Zach Braff. ??? Welcome to my house ??? Hi. Thank you. Good to see you. Hi. Good to see you again. Hey! ??? We see your face and we just smile. It's so surreal. I watch the show every day so it's surreal to be sitting here amongst you. The audience is new, hi, everybody. The energy. We got to enjoy you for nine great seasons on account scrubs." Thank you. I mean that. Thank you so much. I mean that. So you're coming back into TV to do this, is there something else this your head? It makes you nervous. Who can know if a show will go as long as "Scrubs." Nine years is pretty long. This has the same tone. No crazy surreal fantasies but a mix of comedy and heart and that's what people I think loved about it. Is that what you loved about the script. It's inspired by a true story of a guy who started a business, knew nothing about it. Made a whole podcast about his family and creating the business and I heard the podcast and I just thought, this is so perfect. It's a family story. I feel like there's so much great TV we all love but most of it you can't watch with your kids. So we really aspired to make something that was funny but you could watch with your whole family. TV show about a podcast about a podcast. Very, very -- I didn't realize it was based on a true story. Yeah, it's a podcast called "Start-up" and Alex worked at this American life and said someone should make a podcast company. Maybe I should do it but I know nothing about starting a business so decided almost like a reality show, you know, on the radio or a podcast he documented his whole life. His arguments with his wife, pitching to his investors and then it was really fascinated and made it into this story. Not only Zach on the show but another name we love from time. Michael imperioli. Yes. Wow. How is that? People always ask, is he scary? I'm like, he's -- testament to what a good actor he is. Buddhist who lives in Santa Monica. Such a wonderful actor and hilarious. There we are together. When we were writing the show, my partner and I were kind of doing a Michael imperioli impression and we were like, we kept reading other actors and thought should we ask Michael imperioli and fortunately he wanted to do it. You guys want to see some of the show? What if I and this is one of the reasons why I want to take you to dinner start my own podcast company? Why are you laughing. Because you're kidding. You're not kidding? Oh, god. I worked my whole life for other people. I want to do something I can be proud of. I want something that's mine. Buy a boat? We can't afford a boat. Buy a kayak. I would love a kayak. She's very funny too. I remember her from "The good place." She's very, very talented and that's another aspect of the show. Biracial couple. That came from the podcast too. That's something we wanted to hold on to. It's always challenging to hire children that are really good actors but we had to find two kids that actually could be believably our kids. Beautiful family. We've been checking out your social media and you posted a photo captured new wife, old wife. Oh, yeah, well -- How does your "Scrubs" family -- You have to bring up the picture. The joke it was Donald, the old wife. There it is. Very funny. Donald is my best friend in real life as he was on the show and so he's so supportive and, you know, I want to have him on if and when we're lucky enough to have a second season. Someone you know well was here yesterday. Sara -- Yes. Both on ABC. Happy to have you back. ABC pep rally. Sara left you a little message. Good lucky your show. "The bachelor." Explain to people why she did that. Sara speaks fluent German and loves to show it off any chance she can get. She did on the show. She did on "Scrubs." She really, really loves to show off that German. And you really, really love "The bachelor." No, I don't. What happened was everyone kept saying I looked like Arie, the bachelor. And like on my Twitter -- yeah, there we are. A little. But then -- But then -- but then he turned out to be this horrible guy so I don't want this rose anymore. Yay. We love you even more. I put it on my social media and I don't know if you can show it because it was a curse involved but I said in so many words I don't want to look -- yeah, I don't want -- you edited. For the morning TV I don't want that look like this jerk anymore because I thought what he did was pretty lame. You do watch. I'm not saying I haven't watched. George, will you accept this rose? Thank you, Zach. This is what we missed. This is what we missed. This kind of humor.

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{"duration":"6:14","description":"The star of the upcoming series \"Alex, Inc.\" said the show is inspired by a true story and is a mix of comedy and heart.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54030910","title":"Zach Braff says new TV show 'Alex, Inc.' has same humor as 'Scrubs'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/zack-braff-opens-alex-live-gma-54030910"}