Just dough it! Founder of cookie dough shop shares a recipe you can make at home

DŌ founder Kristen Tomlan shows us how to make her favorite no-bake cookie dough cheesecake bars from her book, “Hello, Cookie Dough.”
6:39 | 11/13/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Just dough it! Founder of cookie dough shop shares a recipe you can make at home
I am. President Conlon at founder and he but yes in fact ten today and it made me gain a recipe from I knew because. It's mind no they could yet cheesecake bars. So the first thing. You're gonna do is you're gonna take your Graham cracker as in you're gonna put him in your food crops. Let me share as a really nice fine texture the next senior and do it gives can add melted but there. And brown sugar to that could crop. Mix it together really quickly to make sure that it's all Mason ways. And that that brown sugar and butter is evenly distributed. All right your right back. Now it's ready to crack down into your hand which have already lined with partly. Keep marriage and then you're just any use your fingers or us back to last just press it down. And make sure that it's nights in eat and nice and flat in southern crest is Diane we just are gonna freeze that. Harden at. Calling them on an act that. That starts with unsalted butter at room temperature. Got in the got. Add your white sugar and brown can act does. You know and to get back. And it's pretty neat to ingredients together and southern Nathanson. How are liquid ingredients which is our path I Hague and are Vanilla extract. You're not back up for a couple minutes again late in the plucky. When that thing. And you can adding your cornstarch to seize all the in this recipe the dry ingredients are going to be are all purpose flour with me heat treated our south and then our cake mix as well. It also contained flowers you're gonna need to heat treat them you're gonna migraine that I think an and until it reaches a 150 activity. And you're gonna let it cool down and then it ready to use in Iraq. Minidisc traded down one time we'll share were getting everything then really well. And then we're gonna out of our sprinkle. Abbott who peed out is ready picked out what we're gonna make it we're gonna take out a little bet. That's gonna knicks into like cheesecake bars and then Bergen number they carry their wrath and tell it nice and hold. Seated take about a cool. Corner of the doubt. And just set it aside. And then the rest is just as Eleanor partner here. And I'm. I'm. And. You're not start with two blocks of green jeans. You're gonna want to make sure that those are room temperature in a planning your next there and just left Mexico for about two minutes late and floppy. Next add and they granulated check. Just let it heat next thing next it's ready for your Vanilla act acts. And it is great it down to make here at all of getting extremely well. Next we're ready to add our cake batter could. Yeah that we just me. And then last happen the next hearing if you're gonna add some confectionery sugar or powdered ship back. Once all that can mine even turn up your next and a wrap your that you can't. So this mixture is going to be late and floppy and that's exactly how you about a little bit of sprinkles and that. Cake batter could yeah I was next evenly throughout. Next candidate and take your wit top name. Your and it just pulled it in to this next air. You're beautiful it and I he and because you don't want to deflate all of that air and sloppiness that you just created with the next inner. And we added some of that pressure could you go into this mixture is that you get that cake batter flavoring every single night but we also want being turned it you know all throughout this cheesecake you're gonna take your could heat now that it's shelled and you're gonna pull it apart into little he says. And then started the ball we'll pulled it all together. Here in a lot of reserve about a fourth of what's laughed so that we can add some compete out on top and then again you're just gonna have really gently bowl then all of you don't deflate all of that hair. And also pulled in about half of the springs also. And then leave suns for the top of the cheesecake as well. Now it's ready to put on top of the grass is gonna wanna tape. Little dollar us if they tell us and they wind date even layer. At the cheesecake tapping. You can use your fat in this press it down and make sure you get into that foreigners. It's amazing Eaton and you take your good gals roll into little he says. And is hot that all off next take your screen calls. And just. Divided evenly across the top that here cheesecake can never have you any bring them. Now it's ready to gallon every there it's gonna need to tell her about one hour but it. If you wanted to go longer that's totally fine. It has been that life. Thank you thanks so much for letting me hear you how to make mine no debate could eat at cheesecake bars. Or over a hundred ants and rats and he is tech I hello could you know edible could. Daddy and me at home and offer them other illicit street.

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{"duration":"6:39","description":"DŌ founder Kristen Tomlan shows us how to make her favorite no-bake cookie dough cheesecake bars from her book, “Hello, Cookie Dough.” ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66960126","title":"Just dough it! Founder of cookie dough shop shares a recipe you can make at home ","url":"/GMA/Family/video/dough-founder-cookie-dough-shop-shares-recipe-make-66960126"}