How to prevent your baby from choking

Shannon Tripp gives her top pieces of parenting advice, which she shares regularly on Instagram.
4:11 | 01/27/20

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Transcript for How to prevent your baby from choking
A storm for the weekend. We have a few days to figure out if it is all rai Now to our series, insta-parenting, getting smart parenting tips from some of the top online influencers and we're meeting a mom what saves life. Reporter: Shannon Tripp shares the joys of motherhood with her followers on Instagram. But her youngest child jack was just 9 months old, he put a hard candy in his mouth and started choking. I picked him up out of his car seat and he's limp and I know what I know how to do. I start doing the back blows and it's going on for way too long, and efferently the pepper mint candy goes shooting across the floor. I thought, what if a mom didn't know what to do? You know? I would have lost my son. Reporter: That emergency leading Shannon to start sharing medical tips that are now parenting lifesavers for her I go home that night and I recorded a video to teach other moms what to do if that happened to them. Reporter: The video she shared with her 212,000 followers going viral. Watched almost 500,000 times. You're going to do five back blows. One, two -- Reporter: Now she's using her platform to help moms everywhere -- Flip the baby over and do five chest compressions. Reporter: Be prepared in the event of a medical energy. On fevers -- Fevers get a bad wrap, but they're not always a bad thing. Reporter: Head injuries, and coughs. That happens when there's a virus that attacks the upper airways. Reporter: So many parents using her tips to keep their kids safe and healthy. Dr. Jen Ashton is joining us now, and doc, what are the signs that a child is choking? First of all, Michael, we both remember as parents, usually you're holding a Ben baby like this so you have a good viewpoint here. You notice bluish discoloration around the lips. That shows they're not getting enough oxygen. Their chest may pull inward. If it's severe, they could become unresponsive and unconscious. If they're making any sounds, that could be a sign they are moving air. You want to just observe and, you know, get everything ready. What are the steps for the infant cpr? This is really important. Assume that maybe you're starting from this position. The first thing you want to do if you assess that an infant has no heart beat and is not breathing? Someone call 911, and you initiate cpr. You tilt the baby's head back a little bit right between the nipples. You take two fingers and start pressing 1 1/2 to 2 inches down about 30 times. You have to go deeper than you think. You're afraid you're going to hurt the baby. Remember. You can't do any more damage in the situation of cardiac arrest. After 30, you tilt the baby's head back a little. You put your mouth completely over the baby's nose and mouth and deliver two slow, deep breaths and see the baby's chest rise and fall with those breaths. Check for a pulse. We're not doing a full infant cpr course right now. Learn cpr. It could save a life. Great advice, doc. Thank you so much for that very important message for everyone out there.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"Shannon Tripp gives her top pieces of parenting advice, which she shares regularly on Instagram. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68558242","title":"How to prevent your baby from choking","url":"/GMA/Family/video/prevent-baby-choking-68558242"}