Professional matchmaker helps single moms and dads get back in dating game

Paul C. Brunson helps answer some of the top questions from single parents looking to start dating again.
6:29 | 02/23/21

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Transcript for Professional matchmaker helps single moms and dads get back in dating game
Time now for day one of our new series, parent's night out helping single moms and dads get back in the dating game while raising a family. This morning, we're kicking it off with three incredible singles. They're about to join us live to get answers to their biggest dating questions, but first here are their stories. This is what single people do. They try other people on to see how they fit nobody is perfect. There's no such thing as a perfect -- Mastering the dating game is not easy and doing it as a single parent can be even tougher. We found three single parents, Emily, Carl and Risa who are trying to date again. Our life didn't work out the way we had planned so now we're doing something different. Reporter: Emily now a widow after losing her husband two years ago helps her thousands of followers move through their own grief. Celebrate the small win, don't look too far ahead into the future and just focus on the next great thing. Reporter: But when it comes to dating again, she has trouble taking her own advice. For girl dad Carl, he's the self-proclaimed single dad on social media. I guess we'll never know. Reporter: He says the relationship he has with his girls comes naturally but date something different. We should take honor and pride in the fact that you are difficult to date. Reporter: And for Risa, an empty nester, she knows that she needs to find a man who pushes her out of her comfort zone. I'm looking for someone that also challenges me. I can be a bit of a handful, not a handful but I guess being single for a very long time we kind of get stuck in our ways. Joining us now is professional match maker Paul C. Brunson and he's answered Emily, Carl and Risa's dating questions. Good morning to everybody and Emily, we'll start with you, you're a widow, a mother of two. Now we know you've dated a little in the past two years B nothing has really clicked for you so what's your question for Paul? Hi, Paul. So my question is, if I should include the I'm a widow in my dating profile or not because what I found is that when I'm actually on a date and my loss comes up it just gets really awkward so I'm wondering if by including it it might make the guys feel a little more comfortable or prepared to have that conversation and then I'm also just wondering how I should showcase my children on my profile. Fair. These are great questions, these are very important questions, right? Let's look at the pros and cons. The pro is that not everyone is suited to date either a widow or a single parent. The con, however, is there are a lot of people trying to take advantage of others, namely, widows and single parents so as for that reason and I know this is not popular, but I believe you should not, I repeat, you should not include the fact that you're a widow or single parent in your profile, but you have to tell them at some point, right? I believe that's private information. Private information should only be shared with those we have trust with, so make sure he's earning your trust. You know what I mean? Make sure that he is committing to promises, he's showing you respect, maybe he's being vulnerable first. Make sure you only share private information with those you trust. Paul, I like that advice. Okay. Carl, you're up. You're a girl dad. You're back in the dating game. Last time you were single almost a decade ago. What do you want to ask Paul. Yeah, that's right. Paul, my question is I'm not sure if I should be focusing on dating another single parent or someone who doesn't have kids. You know, often I find that when dating other single parents we have our kids on opposite weekends, so I would like to hear what you have to think about that. Yeah, definitely. I tell you what, the fact that you are a single parent interested potentially in dating another single parent, this means that you have to first be open to having a duly blended family, now, Carl, that's a big you know what I mean. It's a very big commitment and comes with big decisions like how will your kids adjust? How will you blend the family, rit? Carl, I know money is important to you. How will you handle the finances and where will you live? These are all big questions, now, you don't have to answer these questions before you start dating, but know, Carl, these are questions that must be answered at some point. In terms of the weekends, know this, when you find the right one they will ee have no problem working out the schedule because they know your beautiful kids come as a package with you. That is a fact. Okay, great advice there, as finally, Risa, you're a single mom of three, empty nester. So what question do you have for Paul? So the question, Paul, I he for you this morning is, as a single parent I live in a small-knit community and I already know many people here. So my question is, what is the best way to branch out meet other people outside of my circumstance. Ah, I love this one, Risa, repeat after me, right, say, I'm going to stretch my wings. I'm going to stretch my wings. And I'm going to fly without boundaries. And I'm going to fly without boundaries. Without boundaries. That's right. Here's the reason why I say this, yes, because one of the best things that's come out of the pandemic is that we're willing to stretch outside of our physical comfort Zones, and keep in mind this, right, we have no problem moving for education or for a career so why should potentially be moving for marriage, which is one of the most important decisions on the planet, right, why should that be different? This is what I call boundariless dating. I've been married 20 years. If I could go back to dating my wife I would move to the end of the Earth for her. I believe most would do the same. Have no fear when it comes to boundariless dating but if you get into a long distance relationship make sure there is a plan to end the distance by at least having a date to end that distance. But, Risa, I want you to fly high. Boundariless. Fly high. Thank you, guys, for your questions, we'll be right back,

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{"duration":"6:29","description":"Paul C. Brunson helps answer some of the top questions from single parents looking to start dating again.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76059999","title":"Professional matchmaker helps single moms and dads get back in dating game","url":"/GMA/Family/video/professional-matchmaker-helps-single-moms-dads-back-dating-76059999"}