Viral posts of children's punishments trigger parenting debate

A child psychologist warns that shaming children as punishment could backfire.
3:49 | 04/11/18

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Transcript for Viral posts of children's punishments trigger parenting debate
Gat job, Lara. To our "Gma" cov story, childng videos. Er 30,000 clips are posted online O parenting punishing kids. Could the N trend be a bad story of one fathers video post went vnd he says it worked for him. Welcoo you better listen to your dad 2018. Rter: You may be seeing it more and re. Pausing social media to curb their chi bad behavior. This healthy wayor chd to be shed. Reporter: Brian Thornhill's Facebook live video of his 10-year- running a mile to school in the rains he drove slowly behind him went viral last month. This here just old school simple parenting. Reporter: The 33-year-old father of two said he decided on punt when his son was suspdm the school bus for misbehaving and bullying one of his classmates. He being a little bully which D not to. I cannot stand. Reporter: Thisiamom's post went viral afterhe made her 13-year-old S shop for clothes at Goll after she he wa developing a sense entitlement. Feeling likes better than the other kids at school because he gets name brand things just making like snarky rude underlying remarks. The posts weren't part of the punishment and W not meant to humilia theirids and also asked permission F their kids before posting. But some question whether ine moments online can hurt a child's lf-esteem. Some parents say disciinary actions have to groith the times. Since hn runnio school this weeks behavior is much better. Youan be a parent for 18 and raise children for 18 years. Ter that Y can be a friend for Tes of their life. I't know if I changed my son fer but I know that I will never sit back a watch hi a child, you know, bullr try to bully another ild. Repr: For "Good mor America," erielle reshef, ABC news, New York. Re joined by Dr. David andersonm the child mind inste. Anks so much for being here with us. Yes, give it up for the document he'll give us good advice. Parenting posting videos disciplining their kid, good idea idea That's the thing discipliing your kids is ad idea. The issue is the public shaming. Even as is saying that these parents asked for con from their kids,s stuff lives forever and kids don't necessarily know the consequences. Even if you askr if it's okay it's stilllic shaming and still akin to cyberbullying your child at someleve What does it do if Y pos a video of you disining your kid. What does that the issue is shaming a child usually leads to resentment and a little bit more opposition app alit if a boss publiclyhames you you're looking for a new job, the issue is thaha isn't a good motivator behavior. The other piece wet to T about is for kids who had are anxious orhen is can make them me vuable. For kids is good. Jt THA it's only one side ofhecoin. So the researcnd we want parents to still keep open and also omote pose behavior so in thatmple with the bus, having the K run to school may be theishment but that's only one side ofit. After that we need to knowhat the clear expectations a for the bus and have adults help that kid toctice positive social skills with the other kids on the to ensurebullying dsn't continue. Communication with kids, talking it out wit them. Letting them understand they're being punished. S like com sense but it's dang hard. Really is. Ifommon sense were common, everybody wo have it. Right. Reallyciateit. We'll communicate with geor.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"A child psychologist warns that shaming children as punishment could backfire.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54377780","title":"Viral posts of children's punishments trigger parenting debate","url":"/GMA/Family/video/viral-posts-childrens-punishments-trigger-parenting-debate-54377780"}