Fourth of July backyard barbecue celebrations and grilling

G. Garvin, chef and owner of Low Country Steak, shares his No. 1 grilling tip, how to best grill ribs and his favorite summer beverage.
4:28 | 07/03/20

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Transcript for Fourth of July backyard barbecue celebrations and grilling
We want to turn to kicking off fourth of July weekend with a great American cookout chef and owner of low country steak, G. Garvin is firing up the grill joining us with recipes for the backyard barbecue all the way from Georgia. G., good morning to you. Great to have you with us. I got to be honest. How are you? I'm doing okay. I've been grilling more this summer and I'm struggling a little bit. So I understand that you've got some tips for amateurs like me is it are you? My whiff is nice about it but it hasn't been good. Well, here's the first thing you want to think about. Always have a hot side and a cool side, okay. Because you want to get that really great sear like you see here on the ribs, right? This is my hot side. Turn them over. That's what you want right there. That's what you call cooking right there. So once you do that, you can slide them over, right? So you have a warm side to slow it down and kick it up and then got to bring it down. I like that. Then what you do is -- spend too much time on the hot side. I don't even know how to turn the grill on. I see you got the ribs there. Walk us through the process. This is not quick. This is slow, nice and easy, right? Yeah, so the first thing I did was as you saw marinated them with the dry rub, put the dry rub on and then, you know, I sear them then what I like to do, take that dry rub add honey, lemon juice and water and baste them and gives them that nice sheen you see right here. Once I do that, I put them on this hot side. Get that really good sear on it, right? Cook them for about 15 minutes and then I put them up here and go low and slow. Slow and slow to the dough. Then what I do here, this is the finish, right? So I take that good barbecue sauce, now, let me tell you the difference between a good barbecue sauce and a good barbecue sauce. A barbecue sauce is good but a barbecue sauce is where it's at. You add that cola because we're in Georgia, right? Anybody can have a barbecue sauce, but if it ain't -- if they say who is Bobby then you ain't got a good sauce, okay? Then once you do that, I want you to go like that right there. Okay? So this is my finish, right? So you see that good color on it. And then I just lather them with that sauce, right? Our mouths are watering in the studio. That is for sure. I want to check in with you because I see you're grilling something else there. Some tomatoes for a fresh summer side. Tell us about it. Yes, so this is my pasta salad, man. This is absolutely great. Great summer side so, you know, marinated the cherry tomatoes, seasoned them, chili flakes, threw them on the grill, absolutely amazing and then what I like to do is take some of that feta cheese, right, and I do it like that right there. See, it tastes better if it sound better, do it right there. Take some fresh basil and I put it over the top and then at the very end, I take some of that parm and I just -- I let it flow. Double cheese. Don't stop. All right, G., we're planning our road trip. You got a direct for us too. Walk us through it. Only a few seconds left. Yes, yes, okay, awesome. So this is the fresh watermelon and lemonade fresh -- it's lemonade, fresh watermelon great treat for me on father's day so I thought we would do it. Take the homemade lemonade and fresh squeezed watermelon juice and have at it, right? It is incredibly refreshing and then what you do is for the kids, you drop a little fresh Mintz in there. Thank you so much. We are out of time but packing up the rv and heading your way for that backyard barbecue. You can get these recipes on our website and make sure to check out G. Garvin's book, "A message to my children," out now.

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"G. Garvin, chef and owner of Low Country Steak, shares his No. 1 grilling tip, how to best grill ribs and his favorite summer beverage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71594448","title":"Fourth of July backyard barbecue celebrations and grilling","url":"/GMA/Food/video/fourth-july-backyard-barbecue-celebrations-grilling-71594448"}