Game day recipes for Super Bowl 54

Southern Living's Ivy Odom shares some easy recipes to get ready for the big game.
4:03 | 01/25/20

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Transcript for Game day recipes for Super Bowl 54
Quarterback Jim made out of Super Bowl snacks super snacks for the Super Bowl the biggest football game of the year is next week which means everyone's favorite snacking day of the year as well. And here now to show with so much easy game big crowd to get us ready for the big game host of southern livings. Hey all. Yeah yeah well. I'd be notified and working on that meeting. I got injured third time Tehran yeah I got my third time yeah I don't I'm Wellemeyer full disclosure all right hey all let's talk about appetizers first. Be pizza Popper peppers right yes pizza pepper popping to pepper pot isn't honest to god I don't practice room. Senate homeland car but Super Bowl snacks with you are entitled to delay carb thing this is a great since alternative you can customize it with all the toppings that pepper will be saying enticing teens. Mozzarella. Okay. Indiana rearm and put this in your loan and angels. That they could. Process you've talked about forty competitive process doesn't matter how we still play god and I know I don't. Think he did Sarah this is dead heat. The film and this is a great way to get kids involved in the little warily. Do you have witnessed the county average candidate yeah the vulgar or do you know the meaning they eat Edmonton I didn't even like the progress he's a bit different toppings and themselves and feel and not Karen. So easy it's kind of messy as it tastes like Pete sent out exactly and if you've been in then they come out just like desktop with a little bit more about Wenzel. And if you're doing in his is that Doug product bright and warm marinara or garlic lovers thought okay see on that I was fast my purse I'm going to warm butter sauce if my love language. I voted Saturday near neared he couldn't even line just hasn't been anything you can be like different created Havoc for Barnes and customer rather fancy OK sir haven't lost her right KL yeah. I wanna know what that says buffalo. It is like the classic Super Bowl but accidents like a little southern spoon I even Georgia Gulf. But if the Nashville sound hot chicken debt that it evil it comes together and I think five won't. And you can they cannot delay this is credential that has been melted in the my hero. And butter milk dog. And I have now are yeah the secret you act now let me read every minute that end here the all the fat OK got socked in Thailand I'm going to let and then. That's the good news and every seven and yet this is honey just sat balance it all out and sweet honey in there they are paid and spicy garlic. How dare you get this and then stir in living in in my Brady heated up and will serve it just means. Fun fat to go ahead don't make it shouldn't yourself you can find beds at the store a hundred yet and the data saying his hat into the general kids aliens celery to accept it. And Scott you don't accepting attitude I had and you can increase the heat if you live in the survey you know with tips celery everything it's so good honorable table on. Pull reports only so at all. Yeah now Erica stop McCain last but not least a mock tale. Web and TV and their added evil drinks are all their rage and say this it's great for Kansas it's great for people who don't Gerald that would be dinner. TLC it's orange juice pineapple and use. Ginger beer and didn't know where I see it this acting I got a thank you it's so easy. If you don't like orange juice pineapple Houston can switch it out for little old. This guy isn't limited to say it's easy and it serves a crowd included in the book punch football. It'll start. With the young and we all the alcohol he can have an early in the morning and a few big. It's like animals but if we usually don't drink is that of a funnel zip just hey you know what what do you know. If we expect that the last thing you drop in the air that wasn't there is a Lister there's your orange flavor how do we get its sheer Hays county. Then numbers oh yeah. Autry had dinner student already go thank you had of course you can check out all of the latest addition of a southern living on newsstands right now.

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"Southern Living's Ivy Odom shares some easy recipes to get ready for the big game.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68525884","title":"Game day recipes for Super Bowl 54","url":"/GMA/Food/video/game-day-recipes-super-bowl-54-68525884"}