'GMA' Easy Eats: Chef Judy Joo shares her brown shrimp and broccoli dumplings recipe

Ginger Zee makes brown shrimp and broccoli dumplings with Chef Judy Joo.
40:20 | 09/29/20

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Transcript for 'GMA' Easy Eats: Chef Judy Joo shares her brown shrimp and broccoli dumplings recipe
It's almost national Wednesday so. We've day. We've gotten me down clintons and I don't know how to do that how they sell and fill half for easy today sat Judy. Look at that and says Judy issue and you can see right there. And my secretary. Making. We have Mickey brown should end. And drop. And. The outlook questions that GDP in shaft. Well well how are you. Very well you so already in the EI. Half have cracked that she and yet. As. Part of his sentence. Blend it shrimp now well hold. Where he is. Asked. English. We keep clean let's talk about new restaurant on so younger yeah. How. And personal. And it's hot console. Actually it's capitals not. I EU out and hot. On. And I think my theme is rights. And our lot of chicken off the ice cool. It's it's a lot of high. Right it. Never hottest IDC yes I. Can't see. And asked. He did. Not. Neat how. RO. Yeah and it's so. And her happens. You can sign. Eaton and I. Which is good obviously. Sensing and clinging. Outside. And sound on Monday. Got ash goes down street. An imbalance on history at the grass now Astor that's why he. Yeah. I am. Not an issue. But now. I. And it's a kid. I definitely only eat it twice it a lot aren't. And into the country that an Melanie people watching and MP. We got a cent rate here he asked questions this huge question mark on history that helped put up or else. Exit Seles starting out you know I finally take its are running silly. At. But it is not. Yes it vacancy on my said this is the browns yes. It's an rounds transcendent thought this is really really really tiny little strand on super tasty Catholic Lee. This is the strip that I basically it's my processed there and blood out where he. This. That I chopped roughly not stick to it this is a I let out and that tastes I and that's a little. Rounds. I on. Processed. At its last seen. Clint garlic. And that's me oil. Staggered. Sound currency sell and rock. Are. Actually. And it turned the my friends. I. I. There. It. I. It. He immediately that the her. Easy you are. I I don't have Trent. Lott and let it. I'll tell you. It's nice evening on using smaller items but I'm. Happy accident. And yes if I. II and sprint is like that he may sometimes are people who think they don't like it's your seat food and it's like wait. And yes I mean it's sweet and kind of tax there. Now a lot of people get off. C. Yeah not. Which it. Hit it. Out and get it. It's pretty great great. Architect saw that it. Yeah I'm getting my profit only imagine all adults. It's. Yeah yeah. It. Yeah. Yeah. But and it rocked. Rock. Act. I. He could. I. It. You. I. So look. Then he did me. It. He sought to. And candidates that are. It's sad that suck it let. I'm tired. I'll see. It. And how. Don't line brown and one. Oh. At. Night right. Animal. And at. Downey. L and currently the 809. A easier and I yeah. I didn't want. Yeah. So yeah. It firsts dug up Ernie. Nothing and I'm currently. Yeah. McGriff and those are. We're. But now. Hundred. My aunt and me. Hunt. Is seen and that he meet with the matter it. And in every now and then on Saturday and community. He and to back. Hat. And camp mine ENEI. It's. Crispy. How China and Ryan and I'm. Itching and oh and I. Senate hearing it spent only. Yeah. Round. And then. Hung. It. Lately she. I'm. 88. There. Are. T. There. Yeah. Cure rates. What you mean. In it is. I. Have. The I am finished not name that's. You're in. You know. The law. And it. Well. It. I. That. I can't the aptly. It's it's and I think at our. None. I'll. Peddler broccoli. How much how much. I looked at. The he is not. Yeah. I. I am and I currently. Look. Yeah yeah. I. It. I. Sorry that's very loud. It. Oh. And expert as much rock. This dinner tonight well. It. And you cannot act. Incarnate. And a high I. It's routes and DC Jesse and can. And. Anything. On this. Some re the next. Don't want. And I. A lot. Not. Now. It's. I. It. It's not being. I read an accident. It's nice and not. And it's a small senate seen it if you take too long yes. Anthony gray at the beginning to a pool. But. I. My. School on week at her whole. Greek. Or. She. Are. There eight it's Shaq hates. Getting UN. I. Your audience I'll. Let my my own this little. Rule. People. Well. Cochran. It all. In all its. In my I ops talent. It. And the U. All. I. Still yet to be. But. It's not. V. Not. Where. I. It. You're you're you're Sharon. The scallions. Your scallions. And then in an arsenal. And well. I'll. Eat into TE. Nobody got picked on that. At all. And that. Well I'll. I. And he and the evening the next. Now. Now. That yet. I. Let me it's. All. All. You're. Not you shot him. All. See. Them. Seats and scallions. The sugar. How well. Should. It yeah. And that's. Now. Than. They hour. Oh. If I. Yeah yeah. A sure. Yeah. Like that he. Can. I I. And. Out. If she. Thought. I. Pop. And it. Usually it lightly and it. Today at its current. The grease and I Ali. Who. All I. Cry. And where. It's. An. Well. Yeah actor. When you test your. Now. So what McClellan. Cannot. All of you. At. Not where curry early. This rap. Rock. There are. I. Love. I. It. Do. It. Might. And and an. It's fast. Act its. Yeah. Need. My. Slot on yeah. I am really. Not at. All. My. Bet. Line up your act rapidly. Even log on. Well. I. I'm. Are. Not the lights but I would aren't an. Hour or Ellen so. And it learned. And in. Fact. There may. And Little Rock well. And at its height and humbling. Thing that's when inside. One. I. On. At. And yet. Yeah. I the number. He came out. That's only right here. Where. It. Are well. You're on bull. Oh utter. Anger. My. Sheik. Yeah. Definitely not. And he didn't enter. Grant. Simply. It once and I. And the tight we all out. And got. And then he wants. And and you can we. Home. Public. -- And how much did you planet passion and in 06. Under. Right. And a oh. And yet it out out. In which we did you do that. Let's. You click it hurts just as it's hot and I. And then pull him you want flats and avenue. And and and you wringing her rounds. And a lot of tips you. Yeah yeah I see. Lower I'm. Not if you're one half wry dry. And flat and that. Okay. And cook them on each night. So. Now I'm. Oh. On the other hand. A lot easier than expected. I. The end I my my. It's it's. If you aren't. I know that because. Hundreds in its. Stiller. And and he. I. Yeah. On. Me or is. It. Acted. Now. Oh. When you predominantly. On the picture. Space. It I'm. And yeah UIM. Yeah. Me. And can't right to edit oh I want it at. X. Like Brad. And yeah I present. That's still there you see in me. Can't get her back. Questions bleaker the recipe yes. Good Morning America. Judy dumplings. I mean can you think Simi still. And a. Some hats and Richard Kirk the program. Months and hopefully she comes back and finished its act. SE. But until that let me dampens the H. An act this is easier than even last parent. And looked at me and they say the rock art. His heat. Do. You gets that lake settle in. And running today have not stopped. Linton fanning. Who. And knitting since that. So this is the chef expect in here we'll ask her questions but not act. I don't know what you would learn by an attic that it. And then taking us to. Eat and not not the worst student well. She comes back and think you I'm simply. Dumplings and create Brett who doesn't like it up. That. Cities and strength and I don't howling trap but that strand tastes and looks designs I don't know that I eat anything Martin. He. Is she coming back if you can see knee come. And so that's the moment they ate at me for her I'll let it it's our play. This problem but I let's say at looked the we still eat. We. Along angle it's so many times. Really light. And not seen her. So how to talk acts and questions. I am looking for that. It's you. Process. The decline. Its. That ship. Checking for Harry he asked the questions. C. You concede that passed and he lacks alliance. That NC. She said that. It. Concede that my alone now. And I. Austin are now very. Only. Yeah. I'm fat. Part of it's fun. This. Being its past I was ready in. And and up. They're trying. Yeah. And I. The you know how much you eat it right. Yeah. And hot. And in. And not places. I. Then quickly let. People at. And let them asserting. Comedy show. And I. And me and I'm. Up. And I'm asking how. Things in the and and how he. Act. I'm. Me. Act. Rectory. A to me that. I. Yeah yeah. That's not. An. And and inside. The Nazi in an internal temperature. When they're our. Our. They got around me and let me let me show you see. I'm. My Browning. I. And let him. And then Patrick Little and it cuts down on one end its two month bonds the spray. When a writ them all around. Oh yeah that her and now Obama. And then let you look at. I'm. I. Up with. Me. And green Chile Ana witch hunt. And and you. I feel like your son could not. And and heat cooking. Oh. I I. Munich make up your mind you I'm here. Yeah. In a knife and Rick being. He's. I'm lovely. Lady right in the and I really sweet chili people it's yeah yeah. It. Pump act. It. When you get back on the question. I. I. There are. I'm an amount that you let it plants uncle. Is well it's. And and depends on how could not. Way. She cooks and that's what can we had. Knee and sticking scrape up. A crop. I'll. She's not lucky. Oh. Me. You. Hear me there. Not. Paint. And my ass and a high. And I didn't since. Arnold. And good night this much I'm. I. I. And the I like. I'm. On. Now. I have approximately a hundred may still. I am gonna leave you with. He is so much continents. We are going to eat putting. We appreciate you well clearly Texas older. And I'm London you know an apple. That's. Yes. In the united ain't again.

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