'GMA' Easy Eats: The Potash twins share their chicken tikka recipe

The Potash twins teach Ginger Zee how to make their signature chicken tikka masala at home.
49:27 | 09/29/20

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Transcript for 'GMA' Easy Eats: The Potash twins share their chicken tikka recipe
But he six. If the times in the eight hits in be doing but her test twins and you may know them from the Food Network. I'm paced in your roommate and I love justice. And that questions were about half. Some serious entertaining fun. These guys absolutely have to shout a new theory. Take out things and we're going to be happy I'm not so I want you did it question mark three when healthy get a chance to ask. Real checks real questions. And I I have this time with them but if you put them in the question are. I will be able to. Crops track it would allow. Me to. Hey. The what is that alt. CE. It. Lou you can it as an editor. And he arm. And act. A law. Up. Color and it. Our we're gonna make it we're still how. He. Picture. I'll. As you LV rich people. On her series. End unique take out and then try to compare to that we pray that. Oh. You can right. Network it now all. There is. I'll be in both. This is a secret order do you. We in. The in the week hit these really the most popular. I. I definitely is the order of the scene recreated. The arbor hole. In it yet worm its work. We if we can you can and we're looking. At that users were making that is now anybody can make the best. And that the thing I cent each at. And knee. It's not seem to bring you did you come back music creators are guests well our day. All are. We. Brought. Together because they're so they. Are now. You can we say the same way that we write a song that way. That increase would compiled because. All. The older. EU yeah. I. Exactly. And at our super eight or. That it. And Laura on. I get my ear every year probably. It. The I do I need that one really struggled me at it but. I like a lot and it cauliflower and in. This action not that it. And are. Despite that victory in TUW is because I think it's it's a very intimidated yeah books aren't there but I. I'm I think it's. Now. Yes the odds that you'll be hat on in order to make this law. At the right. Do is make our. Original. Decision to. Write one couple is Marty to the water. It was at a party at the time. Are basically right now one. Cops large. Global well. When he saw its. Let me ask you. Doesn't extract Clinton more. There are only the EC. East on what is a secret to make your rights at that. You can death in order to are all. With are you. It went in the restaurant. Close. To the riots in namely the secrets. To at the Indian. This would be GE. Reduce clutter on her. You can. Or pretty do. Where did in the regular or aren't out. Just a her home cooked with the disease that we hate. Our ability it. Won't trot. And. So. Gender and it's not right now. Owner. Oh. Arts. But I'll. And it. Yeah I'll. In the year courts are there where her chicken. Who are too late but it did little bit and the arts all year. Us. A ginger we. Agree with you mr. Abrams I've and ones. And really lead yeah okay. There are. I don't. A little pepper. Oh and written W. It. On to you. All. Water use. And later. Do you see. It is it's and aren't really not I don't. Both public and CE. James and olive oil equity. What works and who is here in grammar. And I think the best. Chick is cold. In order or vegetables. Is there onions and moderate or labor who didn't get it. A problem. And and yet. There. So white. He's just a little easier. The capital here. You. You can breath yet I think. I'll. Yet. There. And the thing that earlier. One oh it because we want to brown the brown Mercury and you get on the ground department worker. Would hope or oh. More laid off. Although it opera you're. Well and not. Eagle is that it do we need enough conclude that. I. Exactly the any time you can use. What. You outline every night you're looking we're not work. Your Dick and even more labor and Yahoo! are ethically. Well we're. In the market in right now to get. And regardless who wanted these there's really no longer need to. About art but that the U doable and really minister Hubert broad political. Anybody do it really minutes. And we're what we're dumping her yet remote. In the small. What we're good we're act. Who can get our group and who you who will work that. I'm walking. You need that that blue eyed actor of all I can. Oh. You know. You. When I am not at that that. The bullet that. And sell my apartment and immediately rhetoric amateur art and Matt. The annual that the use them. Art art in the count up again on the big thing that they are there we. And the yeah. It out. It few thoughts. It's why don't like at one point after. I blacks eat well our athletes who how to. When where. You're yelling at night so we let Bob happened are. Yeah and me in the lot frat another. It they a year before this all happened so we're now we heard well that wants it. Up on. The deeper. That are then. That's when it. Would be an eight needed now. It out. You are older. Than Larry Bird through the Larry. We're now. Yeah. We're currently are now. Under. It yet but. Here we're rent or. That it would work. It. All morning. And and yeah. I we're here on the opposite. Were. Written on or. It rat. Friend. At about. They do know I'm through. Two. There are. Righted partnered. Look at it your all American went there. Or through me. And. Let me I'm your new film hail and then they welcome you. The if you're looking at your friend or interoperable with our. It would never Arctic into Luther. Yeah her dad the recall are but he now he'd rather than an article ID rather leave her apartment rabbi. Rap. And while you're like oh my that it's C. Yeah yeah. Thumb gently. Your outlook. The that our that we know jumper. Now. Are. Important. Role in that but. Are we went back to know what we like we are. Perpich. Repaired. Are bigger and I. Oh this art. That it can. The theory of the ticket. Army. Why it will be. There. And not let that might not. Rumpled. And meet Emil. But here they're. Burger and a woman killed. On Arctic. He could the rate at. My my that and a little eight summit in a long. The. You know were an important thought it. Now let. In their underdog you've got a little more time the. And now we can acting here Fredricka. Back over here just got to the chicken situation right. Both side not crazy after he hears the rest our. Final harness that's why he's like I'll sell my tech ideas here some of your but. Her book took about. They're. You know this. The there are. Accurately on with the great. Few. You. You're. You know. Alerted well. Are greatly look we and our. Air. And nothing. And and that the summoning asked how long. It went just by minutes. All how you. Wanna today. Five minutes that you're chicken breast is like this is why but it will reiterate that particular technical back in arts hall. A little bit so it's gonna keep the merger cleared the route 160 property and. It. Ginger and remain so we read. Or Archie immigrants and Arab media and so what. Cook or vegetables which we did I just channel it's longer again the highest. I had two tablespoons of voter going to look at right now. Burger. The you're not hurt her no I don't. Did. Not go. Our little delinquents who I think that's. You Martin and that we aren't little earlier but you sure you are. I. Some herbal outlet. Wally it that. When asked coming at me how long. That it. And got it. People. Well. Originally were. You not. Only thirty. La. These oh. There are problems in middle school. It. On our. Work and we don't bring back her. Back. A little like. The Alter the app work. And so you know Bob you to bring back out BOT. Yeah it would never be. Grass. Is at these. A little in. Oh of people. It's not completely devoted to Lou. It. Is completely devoted to. And the dollar was trapped in that moment to recreate our neighbor. Who beat to work. Obviously this this hero who. Or. Would it be. Album. Let. I think he's an alternate in who aren't like crap in the yup yup. It's really. Built the clock but it's. It basically I would not more introduced a new ingredient worked out earlier labor really. Kind of come together and we you know or seasoning it and hands. Our hope. I think that I. For. Rent rent reminder. Rudy pat him. And it load it will be. Sent him. Let's. Spider monkey and there. Renews my arms. They. Are a can't I don't. Aren't letting. And that that. So right now we're good. Partner. Those but it. Won't be the onion and it too little water. Near the the drive it into. A yes answer. I. Couldn't. Get our. Then. They begin. Yes. Yet it Purcell. Who. Some of that evening I'm not let outline. Its grip yet. And oh there are producers but again. This is just look. On its members over our civil war. Let them liner. In. That only. I'm ready. Yet progress well that didn't have great are. Not yet. Apparently it was pretty mixed. It but don't write it. Oh. We are. Different over here are three. Or are we are all we have our movement our black pepper or dirty work and then is why. The art sugar. In the sugar in the mall he knows there wouldn't. You know. I hope that sugar. Is made on this. It would be her integrity. And the balance. Very. I either. We're Bo got. Recent. Tootsie. The paprika. 22 term wrecked two people who are. Due to who have lived. You learn. Tuesday's of the black pepper. Two teaspoons corrode our crews are under way. The. Seat and off the added that sent it. You hear it will be update. Check your ego and power that you staple. We didn't travel. I. We made. It. Ingrid. Oil. The you're. Out. That Oprah we are a lot. And the cult while we know that aren't we don't look all. We figured the big ticket. It. Well I grew up that we where dairy dairy. Self. But the live there yeah that date gender. And or because. Our you know you're. Now. It and we're gonna burdened with the it. Out. Oh. That's going to be about and where it but we're gonna happen to you. Well and make you think. You. Mountain lake we lights are exterior is blank Graham. I. Hate. It all. And. Oh it indefinitely there really. Yeah. And to me. Or do. Will stress. Yeah. Okay. Is it a little. Yet totally where you were here. Anytime. It is more and later went into the labor but it yeah little salt and sugar. We're really proud and help them. Number wonder how law and you have business and long and New York. Zachary of Midland in the long and it is now an hour. Oh that is. So and it's been. This. The youth are. Credit until lately and I asked her parents and aptly. War. Was working for now. Actually based Adams artwork from. A couple hundred. More. So. Like. Back with. More yeah I'm and I'll say it. Because. We were all it didn't work because they have so many. Yeah us. Portland and make you be. Out is because I think the best labor and later this. In the game yeah what is your. Outlook and are purple and it just pull in big corporate partners will. Gender is the history of tickets equal it could be thought is so. So. In the UK it's really it's an advantage of them he. And it's really good because most people think it's the completely India and it. Disputed but you're acts as I. It's. Tricky Dick but well isn't that. In the United Kingdom and the date they kind of took an added credence to it we just them. The British him well. Grade so. India is definitely in the that a trooper. Kirk into a brilliant. Oh. Hello in yeah. It's that he's. The hit. Me and we're but. It's very that we need to or are. Yet. Not mean your rent out one. If you want. You can do that if you. Well. And I actually. Ask not I have. Such airy I'm not. Cogan and would be out. Yes I don't I. Only. Only do. We don't really eat like portrait and the bill is likely I'll. The only problem is if there. Bill. On any. New ground enrollment Islam and votes are so George or use them. It's. Obviously it. But watch. Roma. Tomatoes. And it keeps their turn on in Kohler. Am honestly that's I'd love disparate all of them but I I don't mean. Orange is undoubtedly the coloring of fall look at that. And it's not fun and it's now. Of the current Pittsburgh little. The only down on the left out that. There. I buy. Oh yeah. So it. Well. Is it's oh. The girl so if you let that you're in your thoughts. Deborah last year. The we don't really go public that there would. Be back and we grew up. So. And her blunder here. Do. Well. Don't we all disappear. Into little pieces of aura and the U. It hurts. In the next month well. I don't without it and it. And there are. These. Though. It. Like. It's 290. Yes yeah. They. Would with a. He got used to the arts there are very light. In its. Eighth. Really really really good. Ingredients are. But again you know I cleaner fuel critical leads the field where. There. So because you got an. Ada area talent. I. We are equally yeah. I'd blow. Where are. Oh. Pretty new life to ease its. And why did it. Eating at the Leo one. Just which looked. More like. Oh yeah there are a bit and or an adventurous. I would. I. Yes. Yeah. I immigrant that eats everything. And so. It's true. I love everything. And you it. The grit and Marquardt in June. It is. We're. I. He could and probably. Not at all so we get our whole. I'd only met them. Ed you Thanksgiving at his house like the first UBB imprint them and we showed it was he was like. Over is. Yours bear. That anybody wouldn't. Even. All. Are there are based on. Her hat. And really changed. The about we don't wait critics. Are all sports. Network. So it. Oh. CIO. A massive Oakland but out eight and stuck with so guys stick with it. Oh yeah well. Under your. Arm and our Arctic and yet hill. Welcome basic. Furious. Ill gotten. Bigger and really two what can color. But it made. Our. August worked in a coup. Archer you evenly into the sauce Inco are. Every company that hot market wire. So we will end in order. It. You see. That your calling him. A burger. Yeah. In any good burger their secret. The secret. Sauce in Sydney harbor and like the it is now. Your. Then are good but I I admire. Gender they are year. Oh. This particular right now on the because ultimately you know made. It. And they'll. Well a lot. Follow. Me. No why I don't think that the all but look. Under lock. It all. The operative. Here. You know I was up yet. Even under. Yet to me as everybody else take abortion out right now me and I. Meant. That's an idea that. Most important thing about our is is the color creed and opening. We not all is you're making the home. You can you have the rate of the cost them out you want it would rest rock hall. In order to acts are you can exactly what you want. Or I didn't. You or is adjusting our. You. Albert and yet it is does. Not. Not. Yeah gas. Almost go right now and yet so common. Law world. That's really me it is the wrath that you group. Allen yes yes. And send your cab with butter lock breath with the rest. The threat. Yeah. So there. And there how many. Good question I've been. Out there yet. Saw 10. I have way more. Or 88 there are. An and a leaky. Relief. This bit about. I'm not a. I mean. Is there so. We don't do. I think you know during. That double that is. The recently ordered. What do compare. Or are. We. Owner. The local restaurant that right now I think in the latest home it would help rest. Is. I. Your favorite if you order. The order arrest rock NM. They can you tell the difference. The grid and yet suddenly been doing and I'll. Eat. Meats you. You could arrest you wouldn't. I don't do well. Even in China's hard at. Its net. Do. You know not everybody but it. Alert supports it but into the desert. Due out. There are. You. Two weeks and they're not meant there. It is not yet. Them. There. Now. They. Have that you. Cannot. It yeah and I eat them. So yeah. Neighbors thing to do. Which he. Be well but there's a section of the community whose job in particular Wrigley. Oh. And they're. You know. Well. That I. Well. During that he. And that crazy he. You. And so are. We. I'd. Like to work. So that aren't your favorite but little bit of all the marquee. Roll program let. It bubble which eat bigger typical. When it around it if you're reading on the dough into solid and the UE. Look brought ethnic. The vote. And yeah. You know where. The cook it through work. Oh well. It's typically is you know. Does. Mixing this. It's her it's sort of special companies and the other with the and I blow. You know energy. It isn't in the thoughts. Too or get. Our. Color well you're an. Older which are something we don't you. It'll it will that collar labor at. Oh so you sent. Well actually beat. The potter and the cup will work when you use. You know. Will work to. The news you know Margaret made who. Do you. Lake. Or not I have another hunt company. Oh. Eight. Well I get so weak and well. Round. It. Or. Who. Work and then. Our Q where. Well. Are. You. That. Ago. The really he's entering these. Let me say yeah. Looking at and explore how has or. How has it changed. It. I'm glad we got. His injured chronicle she as a journalist. And that's. Or. People who asked some questions he's cute and how it affects the other what I would say. What I think this. What music or food first has made it almost a more personal experience. Where you played a group that issues review. And that probably for hundreds of people hundreds do people. I wrote about. Work. Now. Pretty much that aren't. You know. While some. Well know and how. What about how our. You think you look who is popular music yes it's teamwork and networking with other people that you know my goal is more in the pigeon. I'm the general. Oh everybody out there are all so cut the vegetables. Or season. It's awesome that Beatty wrote there ever gets cocker. It's all. Good its it's. You're in the incident without your breath your family you're making it bigger than yourself. And that affects the music too because we're in. Asia and there's the executive said the author. Later. When your ban there's. Lately partly lurking there. That all. Winds up in aren't one apartment. House says it's not once look at democracy. There's actually balances but there all regretted that everybody. And that's something that I glow about typically jazz that up but were to grant and it's about work. Georgia. But he did take on April when it's Monica Ian. Keep in beaten keep it and then from the gun. Did I'm glad it is our. Outlook. I. It's. Rule it. Wrecked the rest would be able to test the recipe as reports. Here are some things me barber slipped. Musically. On. Where they. He's likely Latin. Yes you know my homily and it Whitman about and I meant it was Alan and I. That's not nice but it's. Sure yeah. Don't. Need technical is that. You. All. That we want to act we we welcome in which we. That technicality. It happens in the moment and oh there. Though speaking to him because. Rule. Are now. I'll. Rent beautifully there. Of all the proper. Order. You and so poll. How they made. Yeah so guy in there. Thickness. Yen it is. It. Would you let you considered a little bit right. Ball. Oh cool Internet. It. It. You're. Able Ari oh. You're so. With our rights discarded. Little. Who. Are more thoughts on our attitude. And Rick you know. Aka. You don't weir yeah easily. And struck so breast parsley. And ginger hello. And marketing at I don't know what you. Yeah yeah yeah. I screaming downstairs. I don't know. Well. I. Comment that you thought. It and now that your treasure. It. Or. Are we haven't yet and Uga and yours. The local. Black eighty. Eager music. We are at action on yet where peaks are hanging. I don't I let disagreements and. That's about this or. It ever arguments. Are under all. Network. But. In. Oh game. It. And I. Yeah let him lately a little bit cooler. Can you. A little more from California so you don't like it. A look silly it's and it gets there. Let me take and it. It is or its own you know. Yeah that's right. I I put that. Out. That you apparently to uttered. Good it is not. A good example you if we don't say this that but like. Really did something that you could make your own connection. Any. And it's. Still on the recipe on that. You all need to be out here. That's right that's. You can I mean there and that lady and I the theory that it. Out. Now Clinton. Yes in drop you we didn't on Spencer. Coming out to be old charity while you all are. Going to be an art we don't tune it out without W. We don't want you to act on it. And still think that's. Lot CEU. Yeah. That. I.

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