Home cooking tips for meals with ingredients you may already have

Geoffrey Zakarian, chef and partner at the Lamb's Club, shows how to create delicious meals with ingredients you most likely already have in your pantry.
3:55 | 04/18/20

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Transcript for Home cooking tips for meals with ingredients you may already have
got that yummy yummy All right. Time to go to janai for cooking at home. What's happening, janai? Yeah, you got that yummy, yummy Reporter: Hey, Dan. All right, so now it is time for some home cooking. Here I am in the kitchen, and joining me now is Geoffrey Zakarian, and he is joining us from his home to show us a delicious recipe that you can make with items already likely in your pantry. Spicy bean dip. Before we get started you just did a huge fund-raiser last night to support city harvest hunger relief efforts right now. Tell us how that went. Well, it went great. Thank you very much for having me on, by the way. Good morning. It went wonderful. We did the great New York food-a-thon last night to benefit city harvest, which is the city's largest food rescue organization. What does that mean? That means we take food from wholesalers and retailers and everyone around and big shopping centers, the food is almost going to expire because of the expiration dates. We grab it right away. They ship it to us. We distribute it, and we feed a million and two people every year. Almost 200,000 pounds of fresh produce and food every single day. And last night -- so far we're raising more and more all the time. We've already fed a million families. A million. Kind of incredible. Holy cow. That's absolutely incredible. Nicely done there. Thank you so much for joining us Thank you. So I started getting some of the things ready because I was taking a look at the recipe. Walk me through what we're doing. Okay, you ready? So this is what I like to call a pantry pull, which means we go to the pantry, and we just pull things because we're all at home and we don't want to get things sort of like complicated, but we sort of like -- we're just sort of ad-libbing here. We're like, you know, just having some fun. So we're going to do a spicy bean dip. Now, it's in my book, "The perfect pantry," which is the exact recipe, but since I'm, you know, quarantined like everybody else, I don't have exactly what is in the pantry. I didn't get a chance to get anything. So I'm just going to ad lib it as I said before. So what we have here is a can of bean, whatever beans you happen to have. Catalini and butter beans, drain and rinse them and get all the water in the can, a lot of preservative and citric acid. So you want to remove that tinny taste and rinse with cold water, put them in a cuisinart. Simple. And on the fire I've started my garlic, some pine nuts and a good amount of olive oil. And the reason you want to do it slowly is because as you know pine nuts have a mind of their own. If you turn around or blink, they will brown, and they will burn and then you have to start again. So what this does is we'll make an oil -- On the stove for about ten minutes or so? Five or six minutes. I mean until you see the garlic has slightly, slightly started to brown, you don't want to caramelize it too much, but you're going to smell it. Now, what you're really going to smell is the spices I've selected. Now, here I found fennel, cardamom, red pepper, cumin, paprika. I'm just going to dump it right in, and that is going to waft into your nose, and you'll feel like really incredible. Super fragrant. It has my house smelling great. Yeah, it's really a great smell. Okay. Get that all together. Really healthy dish. Okay. Then you're going to mix it all together, and that's pretty much it. Yeah, watch. We're going to put it right in we're going to save a little then we're going to just zap it up. It couldn't be easier. This is an incredibly healthy snack. Awesome. And with things that are already in your pantry. Geoffrey, thank you so much for joining us. Super easy, smells great. Can't wait to try it. Guys, back to you. And you can get the recipe on goodmorningamerica.com. It looks actually quite good. Can you make that, you think? I can eat it.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"Geoffrey Zakarian, chef and partner at the Lamb's Club, shows how to create delicious meals with ingredients you most likely already have in your pantry. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70224070","title":"Home cooking tips for meals with ingredients you may already have","url":"/GMA/Food/video/home-cooking-tips-meals-ingredients-70224070"}