Insider tricks to picking the best fruits and veggies

Karen Beverlin, known as the queen of the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market in California, gives “GMA” the inside scoop on how to pick the best produce this season.
3:40 | 07/10/20

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Transcript for Insider tricks to picking the best fruits and veggies
That's next week. Well, folk, we'll turn to secrets to buying the perfect produce. Do you really know what's the right fruit to pick out? Which peach and all that good stuff? A woman calls herself the produce hunter. She's mastered the craft at a farmer's market in southern California sharing her best tips with us. Karen Beverly is the queen of the Santa Monica farmer's market. Some say it's the best in the country. Good morning. Do you still have potatoes in the ground? Reporter: Her job picking the best for restaurant chefs throughout the region. I feel like she is the godmother of the market. I can ask her which is the sweetest nectarine and will tell me which farmer has that. Reporter: Now giving our viewers the inside scoop on how to get the most out of the summer bounty. Blockberry, a little cells that are red are okay but I want to see them, the majority of it to be truly black and then raspberry, when you look at them in the basket you want to have them be sitting up. Once they slump it means the berries are getting soft. What you look for in farmer's market strawberries, red should be all the way to the cap. Reporter: What about yellow peaches? Right here around the stem, look for a golden color so that there's no green. The background color is that golden color. Reporter: Color is key for cantaloupe. You're looking below that netting to see what the color is underneath and that's how you know so if it's full like a golden color or oranish you know it's right. These cracks are a good sign too. Some fruit also show you cracks when they have high sugar. Reporter: When it comes to tomatoes it's the inside that counts. It's never about beauty. I highly recommend heirloom tomatoes because the flavor is better. I like them to be firm because after a week they'll be starting to get kind of soft and then when you get home don't put them in the fridge because cold temperatures affect the texture of tomatoes. Reporter: And for corn, that summer staple, she says don't open the end of the husk. Instead lightly squeeze to feel if kernels have grown from top to bottom. It's okay if the silks are brown like this, it's an indicator they're about ready to harvest but when the silks start to get slimy or moldy that's a sign the corn was harvested a long time ago. A couple more. Eggplant, nectarine, eggplant, your favorite, right, Cecilia? Which basket would you go with? Which is the better option if you are in the store? Can I touch it? Of course. Knock yourself out. I would go with -- everybody has a trick. I would go with this one. What would you say? I think that one. Yes, maybe that one is easier because the tops are green but that's called the top when it's green it was pulled more go to the nectarines. Which ones would you go with gentleman. Go, George. The ones closest to you. I'm going with the further one. George got you on this one. He's always right. The reason -- we learned that years ago actually. I know. Go with what George goes with. Those spots mean it has a higher sugar content and that's what they're called so, yes, those are the fresher ones. A lot of little tips. Everybody thinks they know. The cracks on the cantaloupe, I didn't know it. George knew it. You can get more tips on our website and tomorrow as well H

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"Karen Beverlin, known as the queen of the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market in California, gives “GMA” the inside scoop on how to pick the best produce this season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71710062","title":"Insider tricks to picking the best fruits and veggies ","url":"/GMA/Food/video/insider-tricks-picking-best-fruits-veggies-71710062"}