Learn how to make dinners easier with Ginger Zee's Cook Club

The "GMA" meteorologist teaches busy parents how to make dinner easier, cheaper and healthier.
3:52 | 11/13/19

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Transcript for Learn how to make dinners easier with Ginger Zee's Cook Club
You started a club. Yes. Like most, you know, working mom, you get home and you got kids and want to whip something up in the kitchen and you need a little help. Then going back to work so it's like squeezing in -- trying to make it inexpensive. Trying to make it something that all of us do. This issue that I think a lot of parents just end up having. So instead of a book club I'm starting a cook club and just to let you know, this recipe made my kid down kale chips. Here it is. This is on fire. Oh, no. That's the way dad likes it. Hot and spicy. Reporter: A daily struggle we can all relate to. What's for dinner? So, every day about 2:00 I have a bit of a freakout and that is, I don't know what to make for dinner. Now I've got two kids who actually have taste bud, a husband who also has taste bud, preference, myself who is trying to stay like within certain guidelines of diets and, you know, just being healthy and it's really hard. All right. We made it. We're in the kitchen. So to help me get out of my rut I called in an expert, smitten kitchen deb Perelman. I have help. This is my dream come true. Dib, help me. Deb came by to help me make new dinner options. Adrian, miles and Ben. First up, a baked ziti dish she calls pizza beans. A baked ziti without pasta. Not opposed to it but we don't want to eat it as often as the kids. My husband and children would eat it every single night and every lunch for the rest of time but that's not in my plan. Starting we'll have onion, celery, carrot. One of her tip, stick with familiar flavors then at a twist. A realized a couple years ago my kids would eat almost anything in a tomato sauce. Maybe they like a soy ginger glaze. That's where you can add like a new grain or bean. Find ways to add nutrition to your kids' favorite foods so next up we're making a healthier creamy potato soup. We used to make baked potato soup in my family. Potatoes cream. Fix it with bacon and chives and it was like a bit much and played around with lightening it up a little bit. It's a potato and bean soup. Love a good protein bean. A said of kale chips. I'm the most inconsistent kale chipmaker. While they crisp up time to blend our soup. Oh, that looks like a fun these two dinners are just the beginning. Now I want your help. Just like a book club we're starting ginger's cook club. So we can all cook together. Share recipe, meal prep tips and other meal time solutions. Moment of truth. I've got everybody here. Miles, Adrian and Ben. Yes. Lots of different tastes. Who is the toughest customer, be honest. In my family kale is not like the most agreeable thing. When I make it into chips and they can crumble it into their soup. We call them doritos. Would you like some kale doritos. Miles, you want it try this? Mm-mm. Wow. Adrian, did you like this foodie. Yeah? Are you a part of ginger's cook club? High-five? Yes. Two thumbs up. Anyway, it worked. You can get all the recipes on my website. I invite you to cook that healthier soup today with me. Head for the shopping list and at 4:00 P.M. I'll do it live with you. Tag ginger's cook club and put your videos on then I want to you drop your recipes so we can make them. A brilliant idea.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"The \"GMA\" meteorologist teaches busy parents how to make dinner easier, cheaper and healthier.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66966794","title":"Learn how to make dinners easier with Ginger Zee's Cook Club","url":"/GMA/Food/video/learn-make-dinners-easier-ginger-zees-cook-club-66966794"}