‘MVP Your Meal’ with small bites for the next tailgate

Chefs Melba Wilson, JR Rusgrove, Antonia Lofaso and Jessica Tom share their favorite finger food recipes.
5:58 | 11/07/19

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Transcript for ‘MVP Your Meal’ with small bites for the next tailgate
lucky audience members are hanging out with ginger at the testing table. George and Melba, you're up. You know who we represent? I love this. Harlem jets. That's who we're here for. And, of course, the giants. Making chicken tacos. We'll put this away. Have you ever been a sous chef before? I have. Let's do it. We are making chicken tacos so here's what I want to you do. Take all my spices over here, okay. Let's get ooohs and aahs. Paprika. Food porn. We're going to season it. Paprika, little black pepper, mix it. Garlic. Yum. Chili powder. There we go. I want you to mix that for me. Okay, and then we -- then we have our corn tortilla shells. What we want to do, make sure they are a little moist, okay. Pand we'regoing toput oil on them. There we go. Beautiful, beautiful. And I have my cookie cutter and we'll cut these. That's how we'll make the mini taco shells. There you go. All right. So meanwhile we'll take this chicken, George. I got to get this out better. I got this. I got this. I got that. You're doing great so far. Come on, we're going to take the seasoning, put that in there and sprinkle it. Beautiful. You've done this before. We're here every morning. You've done this before and take a little evo. Right there. Extra virgin olive oil and we'll mix this. Okay. Isn't it looking good? Oh, my god. Wonderful. You can let that sit for awhile, right? Right. And here we have our chicken that's been marinated. I normally like to marinate mine overnight. Beautiful thigh, juicy. Sear them up then we put them on. Sear them up. Thank you very much. We got the idea. We love you but we got to cook too. Oh, oh. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. That's beautiful. Let me just say something. I love all the chefs here. But this man, I know. He is J.R., when we are in Connecticut we go to one of his two restaurants in Bristol, Connecticut. His wife is here as well. He's not a TV chef. -- I'm not a 26 chef but I do play one on TV. What are we going to make. Our market marinated flank steak brew schett tachl the easiest way, you know how I can tell it's hot? When you burn yourself. We'll mix up a simple marinade. Brown sugar, we have soy, we have evo oil and a little bit of lime juice. We'll mix them all together and take that and put it on our flank steak, six to eight hours. Six to eight hours. Six to eight hours in a ziploc bag and take this marinated piece. It will flare up a little bit. Oh. He will woo's let it smoke, six minutes on each side till it's medium rare. How do you cut -- it can be tough. It can be tough. You know what, very good question. You want to cut against the grain. Don't cut with the grain. You want this thing -- Against the grain, robin. We're not looking for a fair catch. We're not going to do that. Looking for a definite end zone on this and cut it against the grain. Very thin slices, very thin slices. All right, robin, you're already eating that. We got to come back to that. We got really quickly. We'll make shrimp. So we'll go a little tarragon. Go ahead. Pour that on there. Spice seasoning. Rosemary. Mix it up. Then we'll fry. I just -- this is a competition. We'll go flour, dry, egg, wet hand, keep them separate, people and dry hand again. And then right into the fryer. A little oil. This is a play on fish and chips. So I've got salt and vinegar chip, fried shrimp. A little bit of that same aioli. I love how you serve them in that. Absolutely. In the sauce. Okay, Lara. That was great. So today an upgraded cornbread with a corn nut streusel and candied jalapenos and dump all of our dry ingredients. Two types of cornmeal. We like extra texture and wet ingredients, I have actual creamed corn and -- We will aall on our recipe. Whole kernels of corn no your cornbread. Honey, eggs, butter and I put my streusel. The toppings. I have a corn nut streusel which adds that nuttiness and roastiness. We like swault with our sweet and put our candied jalapeno, sliced, simmered in sugar water for 15 minutes. Unbelievable. Pop it in the oven for 20, 25 minutes at 375. You have the cutest hottest most delicious --

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{"duration":"5:58","description":"Chefs Melba Wilson, JR Rusgrove, Antonia Lofaso and Jessica Tom share their favorite finger food recipes. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66815157","title":"‘MVP Your Meal’ with small bites for the next tailgate","url":"/GMA/Food/video/mvp-meal-small-bites-tailgate-66815157"}