Oakland chef shares recipe for garlic noodles

Chef Tu David Phu celebrates Vietnamese American food culture. Plus, see a surprise for a local Oakland, California, restaurant.
5:21 | 05/18/21

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Transcript for Oakland chef shares recipe for garlic noodles
It is Asian American Pacific islander heritage month and this morning we're celebrating Vietnamese American food traditions were released some people dedicated to keeping those traditions alive. Despite pandemic shutdowns and anti Asian violence and had a great surprise coming up from one of them. He's a culinary wizard on top chef. Whipping up traditional Vietnamese cuisine with flavor and flair. Oakland born and bred Vietnamese chef to David food. Says his love for cooking is an homage to his family members whether cookbook my mother. To me often comes from recipe. And recipes. Are basically the story. Place where people come from their let me state history. That aura of food. Stanley and friends encapsulate here at K hole in Oakland's Chinatown. A favorite dish your twos then call for savory many pancake made we shrimp. Had my first day here with my now wife this has been a safe. Commute a space for me from my friends and hanging out with disease as well this has been such an amazing place of comfort for me to tell. Denise went and her mother had opened their first ten years ago to mom and daughter duo quickly became a community staple. First friendly atmosphere and authentic offerings like Ben goal and spicy beef following spring rolls. They enact. And those have been my mom in the kitchen and my brother in the kitchen it's a family business this is my chance to kind of get creative with food and and tell my story. The story of strength and resilience and 20/20 the pandemic almost close their doors for good. But he persevered and help feed the local hospitals and senior care facilities in the area. I feel like that Kennedy really came together to feed the people I'm fine line. Especially nurses and doctors and supporting small businesses. And this morning shift to at least for cooking up a special recipes it's a hometown favorite. Garlic noodles great wave in your values. We're joined now by ship to Denise in and a welcome to all of you guys this morning thanks for joining us tell us about these garlic noodles. Awesome thank you so much from here at my friend needs in Idaho in Oakland into their we're gonna make garlic noodles. These did you pull the noodles then it's your rewards throughout the fresh beautiful knows what we have here boiling water going in. And I'm gonna show you got a super cooled trek ami some missed half the water. Helpful. My car. You see. My posterity hop to go through that mince garlic and this is about a tablespoon. And just this trip finish what a moment that this garlic is of the water in this garlic evaporates. About 70% is ready to go. OK so maneuvering here it is did you keep complacent diamonds for a good. Chronic cap. Haven't thought this reduced this is just turn up the if you don't want to open it. Critics of this about thirty felt. Now we're gonna have the butter. But this butter melts. And then these are my cute favorite ingredients this is. Fish sauces this like soy sauce and add to lot of savoring innocent seasoning however use anchovies that goes right. And then this is oyster sauce it's just basically dried oysters that they needed to solve. It makes everything -- for young. Such. There were discovered this code and stirred us around. And we let that butter now. And through some TV magic everybody. We held funerals already thought this could just throw that right in. Thank you Richard read in Marcus Stewart teaching me that. And then the cool thing about this is this office that we discussed cope these noodles. So they soak up that beautiful Korean mean. Fish sauce oyster sauce and waters off and on the flip come together my that would pretty great right unites us television almighty. I wish I did this noted here but if they got there that tell you know the national Asian Pacific American who has formed heard your story. And they partner with the CS unite campaign which is an effort day and hate through storytelling. Education solidarity's. And two they got an anonymous one time surprise for Denise and we want you to do the honors. Something needs and this for you and Paula every day that you do for this community we love you so much and that we wanted to give you this mainly because we want to keep you beating Oakland in the community because we love you. Glass all this we are you. Thank you. That's a pretty good proprietary dead at 101000 dollars to keep you guys can get the feeling that DO. And while you're thinking way if they want to question tell us I was garlic noodles stand up to the failure go to funerals. We'll. My mother yeah. C building that golly I don't know the vet went up I think Atlanta mama.

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{"duration":"5:21","description":"Chef Tu David Phu celebrates Vietnamese American food culture. Plus, see a surprise for a local Oakland, California, restaurant.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77752782","title":"Oakland chef shares recipe for garlic noodles","url":"/GMA/Food/video/oakland-chef-shares-recipe-garlic-noodles-77752782"}