Spice up your nachos with a recipe that doesn’t even use chips

Chef Michael Symon shares his take on nachos ahead of Super Bowl Sunday, with a potato-focused recipe to wow your party guests.
4:50 | 01/27/20

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Transcript for Spice up your nachos with a recipe that doesn’t even use chips
We're back now with our resident chef, Michael Symon, helping us count down to the super bowl with our ultimate nacho week. Americans, here's a stat for you. Americans eat 8.2 million pounds of tortilla chips on super bowl Sunday every year. A lot of them covered in cheese and the toppings. Michael saying leave some of those chips alone. He would like us to use his secret ingredient. Are you ready? Drum roll please, and hello, potatoes. Hello, potatoes. Hello, potatoes and this is how he's preparing them. Do we need a mandolin for this? Toss them with a little olive oil. I'm a mid western boy, and nothing says midwest quite like the potato. I love a potato. This nacho dish is give a little bit of love to the Kansas City side of things. We have to be fair though. We have a San Francisco one when we're done. Thank you. You can use any sausage you want. I did during the break. Some people find that chorizo can be spicy. Choose your sausage carefully. By cook the sausage until it's crispy, and then I added scallions, a little bit of garlic. We put in beer because you need Always. And the beer does two things. It adds flavor to our cheese fon due here, and it gets those goodies off the bottom of the pan. You're going to put those in a 400-degree oven. How many minutes? About 20 minutes. Golden brown. A little bit of corn starch. Can we choose a different cheese? Are you comfortable with that? You can. You can use a cheddar, or any soft-style cheese will work. Interesting. You're doing it the fondue route because most people is would say, I want to put it on my cheesy potatoes. We'll do the fondue first. We'll stir first, and we have a smooth one here because that's how we roll on "Gma." Yep. Here's the potatoes that came out of the oven. Come on. Try one. Super crunch, right? Beautiful. This is what you are looking for, and then over here we took the crispy potatoes. You could top them. We had a platter, but I'll just show you. We have that beautiful cheese fondue. Here's the other nice thing about this fondue. There's no cream and you didn't take the richness out. Let's not get crazy. It's not a giant recipe. Big old onions, I have jalapenos, more scallions. You can hit it with lime, avocado if you like. It's so pretty. Also do not forget your avocado. I know. I know. Really kind of get your good healthy fats in as you're eating your potato nachos with a rich cheese sauce. This is my I love Kansas City nachos and we also want to support San Francisco. All week long, we're going to do a nacho dip and a bonus this is his bonus nacho. This is my -- my wife is a vegetarian which is god's greatest joke on me, like, we're going to make you someone who can really cook meat, but she's going to be a vegetarian. Blue corn tortillas with an eggplant chili, and we put that on top, and then the queso fresco and limes. How easy is it? It takes 30 minutes top. Super, super easy. Just a rough chop? Yeah. You're rough chopping the eggplant, chilies, and spices. Cook it until it's tender, good to go. I'm glad you did plant based. That's why you look like that, and I look like this. Get out of here. This is just the beginning of our nacho, like, world we live in. Audience members, have you tried Yes. Yes. Are you going for the San Francisco nacho or the Kansas City nacho? San Francisco. Kansas City. Michael Symon, you've done it once again. Good to see you. Please check out our website. Michael's nacho recipes and a whole lot more will be on there, and tomorrow we have tricked out nachos with a cheese fountain. Whoa. We love a cheese fountain. Come to "Gma" tomorrow. We'll give it to you.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"Chef Michael Symon shares his take on nachos ahead of Super Bowl Sunday, with a potato-focused recipe to wow your party guests.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68558176","title":"Spice up your nachos with a recipe that doesn’t even use chips","url":"/GMA/Food/video/spice-nachos-recipe-doesnt-chips-68558176"}