Steph Curry ranks NBA arenas' popcorns

The Golden State Warriors point guard and popcorn aficionado shared his own rankings for the best popcorn sold at NBA arenas across the country.
4:44 | 06/07/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Steph Curry ranks NBA arenas' popcorns
There's a lot of anticipation for game four tonight when the Toronto raptors will take on the golden state warriors in Oakland led by the warriors' Steph curry. When he's not handling the ball you may find him with a handful of popcorn. The guy loves it. Back out to T.J. Holmes to explain this story. Reporter: Hey, good morning, guys. I have now covered five straight NBA finals and it just so happens that the warriors have also been at all those finals. Now, after they won the championship last year, this was back-to-back championships they won, he talked to me in an interview. Take a look at the first thing we talked about. He just won a championship and the first thing we discussed was popcorn. Yes, his favorite thing in the world might be winning championships but a close second is popcorn. Steph curry, basketball star, stadium popcorn critic. Curry talked here in his YouTube series "Five minutes from home" about his popcorn obsession and where to find the best in the country. I have a huge popcorn addiction, I call it. Reporter: The golden state warriors' point guard spotted snacking even on the bench. The popcorn loving good evening possibly passed down from his dad Dell curry, former NBA player who says it's still his snack of choice at his son's games but Steph is so dedicated to the crunchy snack he decided to rank popcorn from stadiums across the country as he travels with the NBA. I have my own popcorn ranking. My own popcorn power ranking. Ranking each on these factor. Freshness, the saltiness, the butteriness and crunchiness of the popcorn. He is a popcorn connoisseur. We want to see if Michael is up to the challenge. Do you think you could rank his top five popcorns from the various basketball arenas. If I didn't think I could do it, I wouldn't be here. Let's do it. Steph as you just saw considers these factor, I need you to focus here, freshness, saltiness, crunchiness, butteriness and presentation. No particular order here. It's the Sacramento kings, the maverick, the Brooklyn net, the Portland trail blazers and the heat, those are the popcorns, taste and rank. All right. Wait, first I would do a little taste test. Brooklyn, that one is pretty good. That's the Miami heat. Miami. Take your time. This is very -- there's a lot of pressure. Everything is big in Texas, yeah. Sacramento. And finally Portland trail blazers. Please rank your popcorns. I'll rank my popcorn. That one is there. Okay, so number five. Yeah, I'll probably go there, four. Portland trail blazers, four. Dallas was good. Dallas gets number one according to Michael. Brooklyn is great. Brooklyn is great. Going for 2. I'm sorry. I keep messing up. There we go. So, T.J., Michael has now ranked them fifth place went to Sacramento. First place went to Dallas. What do you say? What did Steph rank his popcorns? Which order? Okay, if stra already has five, Sacramento and one Dallas he is right in line with Steph curry. This is Steph's list. Number five, Sacramento kings. You got it. Number four -- Okay. The Portland trail blazers. Number three, Steph has the Miami heat, number two the Brooklyn nets. Yes. No way. And one, Dallas mavericks. How does stra stack up? And the number one -- The Dallas maverick, yes. Number one. Number one is the Dallas mavericks. That's right. I just handed out popcorn. Why you give us popcorn number two. We want popcorn number one. Handing out popcorn. I'm so happy. So happy, T.J. The man can play football and he has taste buds of a god. Wow, thanks, teej. We want to thank Levi, the dining hospitality partner at 22 NBA arenas for providing most of the popcorn. See game four of the NBA finals tonight, 9:00 P.M. Eastern right here on ABC.

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{"duration":"4:44","description":"The Golden State Warriors point guard and popcorn aficionado shared his own rankings for the best popcorn sold at NBA arenas across the country. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63544298","title":"Steph Curry ranks NBA arenas' popcorns ","url":"/GMA/Food/video/steph-curry-ranks-nba-stadiums-popcorns-63544298"}