Tips and tricks to host a successful Friendsgiving

Adam Rapoport, editor-in-chief of Bon Appetit, shares recipes to make the celebration complete.
7:52 | 11/22/19

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Transcript for Tips and tricks to host a successful Friendsgiving
this as we count down to Thanksgiving just six days away but who's counting? We are celebrating friendsgiving with our entire audience, "Bon appetit's" editor in chief Adam Rapoport is here. He'll show us how to throw a great party before the holiday. Let's break it down. Lara is with Andy. George is with car da. T.J. Is with Rick and rob is with Brad and it smells fantastic. Friendsgiving is becoming a really big thing now. What's the key though hosting this and putting it off? Make a plan. Make a menu. You don't want three friends up showing up with whipped sweet potatoes. Assign dishes. Everyone knows what they're bringing. Also, this is a time to experiment of the you know when you go home to mom and dad's they'll want mom's mashed potatoes and grandma's pie. Have fun. This is a dry run for the real thing. Every year at real Thanksgiving you bring that one dish you know will be a hit and the new thing for the table. You said the operative phrase bring the dish. How are you packing it up. If you're bringing something to your friendsgiving make sure you're bringing it in the dish you're going to swerve it in. You don't want to be that person, hey, do you have a bowl I can borrow? And a serving spoon. You're like, no, I don't. Take care of it. Also, most importantly, if you're a guest and you want to go home with leftovers, bring your own resealable container. I mean, come on. Yes. Bring wine. Bring wine. When in doubt always bring wine. You don't need to pilfer through your friend's cabinets. Your whole team is there. Lara, you'll kick it off. We're serving Turkey but you got your own twist. A few things we want to juicy moist Turkey. A barbecue spice rub. May I? Please. What am I doing. Smoked paprika. Pink peppercorns. Yum. Onion powder. Salt. I touched the Turkey. You did? Then we're just going to whisk that together then you have your barbecue spice mix. Love that. So you're doing a dry rub. I'll do a dry sprinkle. If you're comfortable I would pat it down. She's not comfortable. And once sprinkled let it sit for 24 hours. And after 24 hours it's deeply seasoned and dry run. You let it go for 20 minutes at 425, reduced at 300 then kind of just oil it up. Like this. And you're going to get it nicely brown. And then -- I've never heard of adding oil after. We go with the oil so it browns it evenly. Crispy. You're gloss it with this glaze of soy sauce, Orange peel, rosemary. So it's kind of like fragrant, salty a little tangy. We'll have the dry rub and that on our website. Smells so good. Doesn't it, George? Yes. We're doing mashed potatoes with Carla. How do we get started. One thing we did, there are a lot of mashed potato recipes and we want to make it better and roasted our potatoes first. Used the riser. Instead of seasoning the water that -- there you go. Instead of seasoning the water that you cook your potatoes in we made this awesome mixture of butter, milk, thyme, lemon, garlic, peppercorn and salt so the potatoes get beautifully seasoned in that while they're getting -- just dump it in there. Yeah. And then we had to guild the Lilly a little bit and the thing I love about mashed potatoes how luscious and creamy they are but what's miss something a little something crispy, run kwhi and came up with bread crumbs, potato chips and that goats all toasted up and seasoned with paprika. Lime, lemon zest and hit it with a little parsley. Yeah. All right. We got to settle it first. Dressing or stuffing. What is it called. All right. We're making dressing today. Let's get started here. So we're doing a cornbread and corn nut stuffing. Corn nut. Come on now. I'm from Texas and I feel like, you know, you need a little more corn flavor and heat from a jalapeno. In the stuffing. In the stuffing, yeah. I've got some garlic, I've got some herbs. Controversial over there. I know. Who put me with this weirdo? What are you doing, man? I need to you beat some eggs. I can handle eggs. I'll add some wine to my -- Now we're good. Now we're good. We need wine in there. Exactly. All right. So this is going to cook down. I added the corn nuts. We'll bloom those and pull out the corn flavor because we need -- this is like, I'm from Texas, I like corn, jalapeno, sausage. Keep whisking, I'll add this in. Keep whisking? Sorry, man. This is a working station. Sorry, man. All right. So, yeah, now we'll add all this in. All right. So we've got our toasted cornbread. We've got our sausage. Yeah. So we've got like all of our delicious aromatics. Look at you tasting. Looks so good. Oh, man. Yeah. Bake that off. Should we bake this off? Oven, 350. For 45 minutes covered. Man. We have this. That looks amazing. All right. We've got dessert. We move to the next. We got to do this. I'm here with Brad. You know, pumpkin pie alone isn't good enough. The best of both worlds, pecan -- rye pumpkin. Rye flour in the crust, the butter and then we have a full pumpkin and use Libby's. It's awesome. Fantastic puree. It looks like baby food. Well, baby food. Why don't you mix all these into there. These guys take forever with the stuffing. Did you just call me a baby? Into here, sorry. That's fine. We got warm spices. Doing great, guy. We're killing it. Warm spices. You can add the milk. All the sugar. Yeah. It's not that much. It's dessert, you know. Then if you want to just mix that up and then I'm going to work on the pecans real quick. Don't worry. Lara, you got me beat so star. Toasted pecans and candy them, add sugar, a little bourbon to it and that -- Bourbon. Gets them nice and toasty and then, yeah. We mix that all up. We cook them on top of the pie. They come out beautiful. Nice glazed like the best part of a pecan pie. Oh, yeah. Then we just kind of place them all over here. Get our little artistic here. Do you have to put anything in to make them stick or stuff them in there. I can make a face and all that. Write your name, do whatever you want. And you pop that back in the oven when it's all done. Bake it 10, 15 more minutes. We addressing, pecan or pecan. Depends where you're from. Either way it's delicious. How good does that look? Looks amazing. This is staying on this side as a reminder get all the recipes on our website and, folk, you'll be eating, okay? You're going to be eating. All this food is a thank you goes out to Wegman food markets for providing all this stuff for us and the audience will get some grub too so you'll get that

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