Tracy and Dana Pollan cook with 'Mostly Plants' - with Ali Wentworth's help

The Pollan family is joined by Ali Wentworth to share recipes from the new cookbook, "Mostly Plants."
4:50 | 04/16/19

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Transcript for Tracy and Dana Pollan cook with 'Mostly Plants' - with Ali Wentworth's help
book, "Mostly plants" and here's the latest pollan sister to join them. I'm the littlest. Second book from the pollan family, of course, you're married to Michael J. Fox and it's about flexitarian diets. I know Mike was a little skeptical. So explain what it is. So flexitarian is a primarily vegetarian diet. But it doesn't mean that you have to exclude all fish and meat from your diet so sort of a way of maintaining a healthy vegetable-based diet but allowing for foods you may sometimes want to include so Michael loves this because if he's going out he can have something else that Ames to him but he likes and feels better eating a vegetarian -- We're mostly sugar mostly cheese in our house. But last night you cooked from this book. I did and I have to say our girls are -- they like pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta so I made, corky, your noodle and shrimp and kale kind of gorgeous thing and they lapped it up like kittens to milk. They loved it. So thank you for that. Thank you. What are we cooking this morning? We are making a rainbow fritata. Great. I can't believe you gave me this. I know. Especially around my husband. What's great about this dish, it takes literally 35 minutes, so quick. Just one skillet. That's all you need. Exactly. What do we need to do. I'll have you get to work and you can start slicing these mushrooms and -- Ali, I'll have you slice the zucchini. Then we saute some onions and -- Honey, don't you love me in the kitchen? Then you want to -- we have some cut here and then we add the mushrooms. Get them all in there. And we saw Tao them for are you on a medium heat. I'm on a medium heat and then you can add the precut zucchini there. Okay, here we go. And last one you kiss. And then we just add a little salt and pepper to that and then while you're doing that we're going to grate some cheese. Oh, my favorite. Would you like to do the honors. Yes, I would. This is gruyere cheese. Whip it all up. Once we're done with that. Wait, I'm doing my workout. Whoo. Look at my guns. Okay. So then we have eight eggs and what we'll do is whisk which is very lightly, you don't want to overwhisk because the fritata will fall. We don't want that. Oh, my god, okay. This is a lot of pressure. The other thing too, it's really good when you're making a fritata to use precooked vegetables because it keeps it from getting soft and you'll add your milk. I'm adding the milk. A little soft. Add just a portion of the cheese and save some for later. So half the cheese. Half the cheese. My domestic allowance. Stir it a little bit then you'll pour it over the cooked vegetables evenly. You want to distribute it all I'm going to do it in a nice -- There you go. While we're putting that in the oven I want to bring corky in. Such an inspiration. The whole family is a family of cooks. You are a working mom. Cooked dinner just about every night and had a lot of help at the home. Oh, yes, the kids would help me, you know, while I was working, they'd sort of prepare things before I got home. Can you guys all be in the same kitchen together cooking at the same time. We're actually really good at it. Because we just like this we all go to our station and prep and we have a lot to say. We spend so much time together and we run out of time to talk about everything we want to talk about so we're just cooking and chatting and making these I want to say corky is the mother everybody wants. She's the most loving and it has spread with her daughter answer these gals in the kitchen are cutting and tasting and they're talking menopause and the college admissions scandal. It all gets done in the kitchen and you can feel it with this book. It is a book of love and

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"The Pollan family is joined by Ali Wentworth to share recipes from the new cookbook, \"Mostly Plants.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62425589","title":"Tracy and Dana Pollan cook with 'Mostly Plants' - with Ali Wentworth's help","url":"/GMA/Food/video/tracy-dana-pollan-share-recipes-plants-62425589"}