Alabama secretary of state guarantees election night results

John Merrill says Alabama sets “a standard for excellence not just in football, but in elections as well.”
4:34 | 10/29/20

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Transcript for Alabama secretary of state guarantees election night results
When the lights go down With the election just five days away voters are turning out in record numbers. Already more than 75 million votes have been cast, shattering records for early voter turn out in this country. Likely a sign of what's to come on election day. More long lines at the polls all across the country. With us now let's bring in the smiling Alabama secretary of state, John Merrill. Sir, good to have you here with us. We talked to a lot of secretaries of state and heads of election commissions all over the country. We talk so much about early well, you all are a handful of states, Alabama, that doesn't have -- you have the absentee, but you don't have early in-person voting. You say it's a money issue and not necessary there. Why? This is the thingeed to know, we've had successful administration of our elections so far and we'll continue to in spite of the fact we don't have early in person voting, we have early voting through the absentee process and we have in-person voting on election day and absentee voting by mail. We've had more than 301,000 people that have already submitted absentee ballot applications and more than 240,000 people have already voted absentee to date. We know we'll be north of 300,000 successfully submitted absentee votes. The most in the history of the state prior to this cycle was 89,000. We're proud of the records we're breaking. Secretary, the supreme court sided with you banning curb side voting there in Alabama. People were hopeful in your state, people with disabilities, people concerned about covid-19 that they would be able to do so. Explain why you're against curb side voting. I'm against curb side voting because it's against the law in Alabama. If it's against the law, I'm not supporting it. We will make it easier for all our people to vote as we have through the absentee process. There's been two months before today where people could successfully submit their absentee ballots. We've made every accommodation necessary. All 1,980 polling sites have a way to accommodate all our Ada we do that in our absentee locations as well. We want make sure it's easy to vote and hard to cheat for all 3,706,736 registered voters in the state of Alabama. Easy to vote, secretary. It is interesting. I'm curious how you're preparing for what could be astronomically long lines there at the voting polls. You can vote early. Obviously you have the absentee are you expecting an overwhelming number of people and how are you accommodating that from a wait time and safety issue with covid-19? That's why we have additional poll workers on standby. That's why we have additional tabulators, voting machines in place in all 1,980 polling our people will have an easy opportunity to get in, have their voice heard and vote counted. We have electronic poll books introduced in Alabama so it will reduce the wait time some 60 to 75%. We believe in being prepared for the successful election to make sure we have a safe and secure operation for all our people. Last thing quickly. We have returns from you all that night? We'll have returns from your state? Yes, sir. Other states in the union are going to be concerned about when they'll get the results in. The results in Alabama will be known that evening. We set a standard for excellence, not just in football, but in elections. Oh, come You had to go there. It was going so well, secretary. It was going to well. It was. I know you want to say it. Go ahead and say it. Roll tide. Go dogs. I can't believe you permitted that, robach. We were all thinking he wanted to say it. Secretary Merrill -- We'll see you at the polls my friend. Secretary Merrill, it's a pleasure. It's good having you here. Good luck to you all. Thank you for your time. I know it's a busy time. We'll see you again down the road. Thank y'all. Robach, we talked to a lot of secretaries of state. We asked that question. They say hopefully. He was firm, will have it that night. We'll be looking for that. We want to remind everyone about a helpful resource from our partners at fivethiryeight. Check out their how to vote site for specifics details on how to

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"John Merrill says Alabama sets “a standard for excellence not just in football, but in elections as well.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73903579","title":"Alabama secretary of state guarantees election night results","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/alabama-secretary-state-guarantees-election-night-results-73903579"}