Alarming increase in violence toward Asian-Americans

The Senior Director of Government Relations for AILA, Gregory Chen, talks about the rise in violence toward Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and how Trump provoked these attacks.
5:00 | 03/03/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alarming increase in violence toward Asian-Americans
Anti Asian hate crimes amid the Kobe nineteen pandemic continued to rise with the FBI director Christopher re telling lawmakers yesterday that he is. Very concerned and that the bureau is taking these matters very seriously. Gonna bring it now Gregory attend the senior director of government relations for the American Immigration Lawyers Association sir thank you so much for being here what's behind it just how bad is it right now. Well the problem and he's Boggs is serious. Has gotten worse. In 1990 I directed a program in Boston to respond to adhesion box and back then we may see a few hundred incidents a year. Other crimes targeting Asia's. Up by just in the past year from march to December 20/20. I need these reports showed about 2800. And Ian incidents across the country. As it is is a growing problem and we're seeing movies in upon shun. I'm elderly people being shot down had a couple of fetal incidents happened targeting Asian. And my family members across the country. Including on the West Coast these goes they're concerned about this and are looking for ways that it and its work. Serious problem. Yeah I wanted to talk about ways they could get support obviously we just said the FBI director saying he's very concerned these numbers are incredibly alarming so what can we do you as communities on the local level. To stop this hate. It's. Wasn't it has already been a dramatic response from media organizations on the engine one coalition called stop. 88 he I hate which has boot these horses for people who are concerned get training about how to respond. I'm apparently protect consult but it also has information and statistics showing what's happening across the country. So back kind of response is very important. Our sister organization the American immigration council has responded with a powerful message a center for inclusion in belonging. And this is going to get it heats really addressing. He motivated crime that perfect people color or immigrants and their message is to build and beat build connections between people so that. He treated and divisions that it has sown by politics. I the year are you'll Anders greater unity and that's what's really work. Bigger agree president Biden issued an executive order condemning the attacks do you think that is helpful but how much more helpful could it be or just that's helpful. Com if he stepped to a microphone and you heard him speak about this. So the president in his regime have already taken one important step was to send a powerful message that we aren't. You know by country and that we are afraid during a pandemic. The best we can get through a crisis like this is the stick together. That's the first thing he's done all we need to see from the administration now it is forceful response to hate crimes investigations and prosecutions if needed. But also better tracking of hate crime incidents the better education and support for the community through bees sources. Through language in trending information because the if he's incredibly diverse and they need to understand it speaking trust. Any report these incidents. Gregory. Do you blame Donald Trump for I mean clearly he referred to the pandemic as bid China virus be Kong flu do you. Put part of the blame squarely on his shoulders. Absolutely. And there's just no question that president funk during his time on the campaign trail president. Increased. Other nationalistic. It anti immigrant rhetoric that eased. And then as he's said a referring to the rotavirus. Something backing from China China blue were content Lou. Those kinds harsh. If he immigrants explicit language to sow division in the belief. It on people's boom years and that's when messages unity. A belong inclusion is so important a present Biden has taken the perspective doing it. Senator Byrd including belong that it the American British council's art is another step we need easy bove. Proactive response. From the federal government as well as from local law enforcement respond quickly and provide me east Asian communities other musical or with the support that they need. Anger we certain when the city's numbers go down to see these attacks stop they've been really really brutal and a lot of ways a lot of video we've seen album so thank you for spending time with us and continue to get that message out again. Gregory ten senior director of government relations for the American Immigration Lawyers Association thank you so much. Been a pleasure thank you. And this programming note there is much more on this very important subject streaming on ABC news light tomorrow night. Stop the hate the rise in violence against Asian Americans that's at 8 eastern. Be sure to catch it.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"The Senior Director of Government Relations for AILA, Gregory Chen, talks about the rise in violence toward Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and how Trump provoked these attacks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76229425","title":"Alarming increase in violence toward Asian-Americans","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/alarming-increase-violence-asian-americans-76229425"}