Big surprise for sassy 9-year-old entrepreneur

Jasmine Cuchens turned her love of baking into Jazzy's Sassy Scones during the pandemic.
4:54 | 09/23/20

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Transcript for Big surprise for sassy 9-year-old entrepreneur
Our next guest is at nine year old business owner who discovered her love of baking with the help of her parents after taking the lead as head chef. And treating her own recipes that her family could not get enough. Jazzy as sexy stones was born officially opening in July and selling over 100 orders per week. This young on to renew or has big goals of expanding her business and of course she wants to help others along the way. I am here to tell us more about how she got started is the jazzy herself Desmond cut him. Well bill it is so good does three U. And he knew god told him how did you go but starting the business and out pandemic hot this come about. I don't. Need cash home and angst I solid day. I scientists. Are there any clapper costs you and me it is this you know it's suddenly act operas to regain. The chance. I'll months. Staying. I don't may be some little minor wounds and Lowell who made it. Mom spends plenty chiles. And day. We're able to get some smuggle 18. I was just mom aunts and the city's oldest girl. Well it's. Good morning good it's been. Phenomenal and not only are you having your business off to a big star you're inspiring other kids. To get indication as well what are you hoping they're gonna learn from your experience. We're not a lot. All scrutiny in the case. But comes now I can't mountains her hips and few believe it now. Aunt's China. Yes you don't want kids she she was written here and here it's like there were inside it surely the kids are. These didn't I didn't feel like on the and he did his cute not just. It's only nine we've learned a lot from nine murals actually this week's hit jasmine near the do the lays were loving your story and what are you learning now about running a business in a pandemic had that affecting you. Well it's really well sometimes and eat kind and not intense hunt speed line is. It means I'm not saying it's. From laying people lined action me. We're not commonly eaten well she's only now he's thinking something. Aren't protecting it and not the scene around. He needs to channel and a current and want to let being asked dean what she Cindy owns all of the all higher up in icy hearts yeah. I know lots are. Not nuts improvements are. Income that she. Yeah and speaking of that for those of us who are watching and want to learn more about your business tell us how we do that and how you wanna see your business ground. Well. You can't go to my page. And I didn't you can look I want as we check. They can get or. Even currency grounds because I seen the need we're gonna get. Truly feel this I didn't count those shot back can be. Our business line trying to knots. And I can't bring it to see how. Hold it for the. The plan you have now it sounds like you're gonna be retired by calling nine. You're gonna make that much money here data but we know that might be the mixer there are no you wrote you reach out to the folk the kitchen aid and they gifted you is that the one. She is still OK I love it. And you reached out to them just told him what you were doing and they gifted few that the folk the kitchen aid. But I want to tell you now that we touch base with kitchen aid again and they were so still inspire but all you've been able to do. That they are going to fill up that Kitchener viewers they are now. Going to be sending you. Bake where they're new cordless collection that includes a cordless blender a hand makes our hands up car and all kinds of stuff that can help you. And making just go home and expanding your business what do you think. This creator. More savvy. And jazzy girl and I am happy he's so much for inspiring all of us and continued success. Also some who don't. Who love it but who I'm hungry now that I look. That is great to be it would do NC a genuine reaction like that giving them up mixer yeah. That's really cool.

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{"duration":"4:54","description":"Jasmine Cuchens turned her love of baking into Jazzy's Sassy Scones during the pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73198758","title":"Big surprise for sassy 9-year-old entrepreneur","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/big-surprise-sassy-year-entrepreneur-73198758"}