Big surprise for 8-year-old girl who’s helping others in need

Campbell Jackson is selling hand-painted sneakers through Campbell's Kicks to raise money for pandemic relief and Feeding America.
3:35 | 10/23/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Big surprise for 8-year-old girl who’s helping others in need
Our next guest is an 8-year-old with one big goal and a big smile we should say. That's to help others in need. After the pandemic kept her at home, she got creative and dove into the sneaker business. She started to make hand-painted sneakers. She sold them on her website and selflessly donated those profits to her community of Randolph, New Jersey. Here to tell us more -- let us see that smile. There she is. Campbell Jackson, it is good to see you. We've been watching that smile of yours on some of the monitors. It's good to have you here on this Friday. Tell me, this is a pretty unique idea. Were you looking for something to do during the pandemic? How did this come about, making sneakers? Just like everyone else I was stuck at home because of the pandemic. I went around my house looking for activities to do. I was focussed on making a mother's day gift for my mom. I decided to make her a pair of slippers. But it didn't work out that well, because when I was decorating it, I used washable paint. I started looking up tutorials to do some shoes. About that time my favorite artist Jordan fisher was doing a concert to help raise money for charity. I said to myself I can make a difference in the world too. I decided to start my own business Campbell's kicks. I love that. I love that Jordan inspired you as well. Then you decided -- you hand picked the charities you wanted to donate to. You picked New Jersey pandemic relief fund and feeding America. Why did you choose these organizations, Campbell? I have to say that "Happily ever after" that is played at the evening fireworks at Walt Disney world is the best song. I discovered that Jordan fisher was singing it. I became a really big fan. My first charity was New Jersey pandemic relief fund. The one I'm still currently working on is feeding America. I chose it because I was watching the Disney family singalong and I decided that I can help feeding America. Apparently we'll be thanking you soon. You came bearing gifts? Before we have to go, I have a surprise for Mr. T.J., Campbell's kicks I made and I have one for miss Amy. Oh, they're so beautiful. We love them. We have a surprise for you. Before we let you go, our friends at Barbara's heard about your big heart. They wanted to support you and your cause. They want to donate $50,000 worth of products to feeding America in your name and they'll present you with a $500 check for art supplies so you can continue to do your beautiful work. I see your expression. Tell me how you're feeling. I feel so -- my mind blew up. Well, thank you for all you do. Thank your mom as well for raising such a beautiful young woman with such a big heart. This is the time when our communities are most in need, especially as we come on this holiday season. Please go visit to learn more about how to support children and families in need through feeding America.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"Campbell Jackson is selling hand-painted sneakers through Campbell's Kicks to raise money for pandemic relief and Feeding America.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73789912","title":"Big surprise for 8-year-old girl who’s helping others in need","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/big-surprise-year-girl-whos-helping-73789912"}