How to celebrate Juneteenth

Event planner and founder of “While Entertaining,” a magazine that highlights Black culinary creatives, Amber Mayfield gives us her insight on a Juneteenth-inspired meal.
3:17 | 06/17/21

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Transcript for How to celebrate Juneteenth
156th anniversary of juneteenth, this Saturday, and there's a lot to celebrate, as Tuesday the senate declared June 19th a national holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the U.S. And so to mark the occasion, we brought in an event planner and founder of while entertaining, an annual magazine with monthly digital content that highlights black culinary creatives, amber Mayfield is here to give us inspiration on what to serve for a juneteenth celebration. So welcome, thank you for being with us. And you say, and I think this is a pretty universal feeling here, that one of the most important parts of any celebration is the food. So what should we be serving on our juneteenth celebration? Hi, thank you for having me, so there is so much good food in African-American culture, so on my table, I have one of my mom's signature watermelon baskets, strawberries, grapes, blueberries and then in the front we have a black-eyed pea salad with peppers, celery, and tomatoes, and off the grill, we have some cheeseburger sliders, and some hot sausages with red peppers and onions. The great thing about this spread is that it's all single serve. So you don't have to have somebody manning the buffet table and you don't have to worry about sharing utensils. You just grab something and go. Still telling us how to stay safe in these times. All right, so, we have a drink here in front of us. Is this your go to? Yes, this is my go-to red drink. What you'll notice, in the drinks on juneteenth, there's a lot of red, and red is a reminder of all of the blood that was shed on the road to freedom and it keeps us grounded in remembering our ancestors and their resilience. So my go-to red drink, four ingredients, super simple, we will start with some sparkling water. I like to go with the sparkling water that has a HT of lemon to it, just to add some more flavor, and then you're going to use this hibiscus syrup, you can get this in the store or you can make it at home, and for each liter of sparkling water, you will add three-fourths cup of hibiscus syrup. And last, but certainly not least, I will add a little sugar. I add one-fourth cup. You can add more if you like it sweet. Then you are going to give it a good stir and I know you all have some in the studio to try, so you pour that over ice and garnish with a lemon, and let me know what you think. Well, we clearly like our sweet around here, whoever put this one together. It is absolutely beautiful to look at. Of course, we've got the food, we've got the drinks, and you know we got to talk about desserts, so what do you suggest? My favorite part. My dad always grills some peaches, so you have that hot off the grill, and I also like to do some apple pies, single serving, mini apple pies, super cute, and then last but certainly not least, we've got some jarred red velvet cakes. Amber, thank you for the party planning. Good to see you. And we want our folks to know, for more food stories and tips, you can check out while entertaining magazine. Thank you very much, amber. See you down the road. Keep celebrating.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"Event planner and founder of “While Entertaining,” a magazine that highlights Black culinary creatives, Amber Mayfield gives us her insight on a Juneteenth-inspired meal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78342203","title":"How to celebrate Juneteenth","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/celebrate-juneteenth-78342203"}