When will children be able to get COVID-19 vaccine?

Answers to your coronavirus questions from Dr. Jen Ashton.
1:55 | 04/20/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for When will children be able to get COVID-19 vaccine?
All right we have some questions for yor Dr. Ashton. From the viewers. Children and the vaccine. When is the soonest a vaccine could be available for children? Remember when you talked about the pediatric population, six months of age to 18, this is also not a one size fits all grouping. For older teenagers, 12 and up, or high school age, potentially those vaccines could be authorized by the start of the school year. So August, September. When you talk about younger children that's most likely after the end of this year beginning of next year. Nothing to do with covid here. Why are sugary foods, like cereal, muffins, pastry so often associated with breakfast. Is it good to eat sweets in the morning? No. So I'm going to put on my nutritionist hat here. Remember basic biochemistry. Something is either a carbohydrate, a protein or a fat. If it is a carbohydrate, and I know some people don't like this word, but for ease of communication sake, clean carbs. That could be fruit, whole grains. These things are easier for your body to burn through and use as fuel. Otherwise, if you load up on the sugar, which I call those things dessert, not breakfast. It will be stored as fat and in particular when you give kids, teenagers, that kind of sugary bolus of food for breakfast you are giving something that is calorie-rich, nutrient-poor. No Bueno. Is there a better time of day? Breakfast, lunch. No, not really. Unless you are going run 12 miles like this one does. The cereal and the Orange juice. All how we grew up eating. But then we crash. You crash. You need lean proteins, healthy proteins, healthy fats and good carbs. I know people don't like that word but that is what they are. Wow, and on that high note. Keep sending your questions to Dr. Jen at @drjashton.

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{"duration":"1:55","description":"Answers to your coronavirus questions from Dr. Jen Ashton.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77189460","title":"When will children be able to get COVID-19 vaccine?","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/children-covid-19-vaccine-77189460"}