'GMA3' Deals & Steals for $20 or less

Tory Johnson has incredible bargains on jewelry, wine accessories and more.
4:40 | 06/16/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA3' Deals & Steals for $20 or less
It is back revealed this deal but we partner with companies to bring our viewers incredible savings between Johnson is here with some fun products to help you treat yourself. They're all for only twenty dollars or less let's check in with Torre and while TJ is already eating all the daughter you over there let's start with these cool cross body wallets. That's exactly Amy either from Kate Carol it's a cross body bag that allows you to just go hands free it hasn't detachable strap so if you wanna just clip that I'm you can do that as well it holds just the basics just what you need light off following a little cash card it heat. And there are a variety of colors twelve of them to be exact three RFID lines pockets inside if you're gonna punch cards in there. An unbeatable price Amy today at our deal these are ten dollar adds this is great for travel which everyone is starting to do so I love that OK next up is sterling forever. Guess some cooler rain. These are all inspired by high and styles but not at high end prices are all about being excessively priced. To allow you to have on trend piece is that I can also live on as classics. We have a huge assortment of layered necklace is year cuts we've got their little bolo bracelet it's regular earrings and rings just a huge delightful assortment. All of these are up to 78%. She's. So the entire assortment ranges from ten to twenty dollars that is affordable and I after you buy all your jewelry you'll need a place to put it correct. Yeah as soon really cool invention it's hot line and latch it was created by a gym teacher. Who struggled with what to do with her rings while she was working out are playing sports that they kids and so she creating today's comment. T little story Jim fassel to be able to just pop her rings in there and then there's this Caribbean are clip that allows it to close. And to clip on to eat there a person sometimes she even put it on a belt loop just so she had things with her. Com or on a gym bag so it's just an easy way instead a bomb dropping valuables in the bottom of the bag. Order putting them down and forgetting that it allows you to store them on the go you'll get three packs a day for fifteen dollars Doug my rings out of my purse you can get exacting figure morning. Probably not Smart. Cut back and took. Notes and let's bring in the hat we have a hat section here hey look how to hack yeah this is the headache neck. That's right it it has a 24 individual pockets where there are ice packs to show its. Something that's going to stay cool you keep it in the freezer until you have that hate for that moment where you just need a little calm and cool. This is gonna delivered you can cover your eyes lit it if you want you to Wear on the shoulder and neck so where ever you just feel like you need a little cooling scare beat its 50% off twenty dollars car I'm. You in the wrong order here now go to the wind stuff. I'm and comes the headaches but now we're going from the headache to the wind stuff I got accessories here. I know why I accept that ordered Saturday sari sari and her. Catalog that so this a really cool so -- new un court that why many times when you try to put the court back in the bottles too big to fit standing in the refrigerator. So Papelbon got makes these cats that allow the wine bottle to lace sideways in the refrigerator for storage without leaking assuming there is why left over to sort back in the refrigerator. They have so many different products these were all created by hot wine makers in California city really understand kind of all of the accessories that people love from champagne stoppers to flats and can't teens huge assortment. They start at 750. All right robes does not need the wind caps this there's nothing left over in the fridge. Finally here what she's the grain. Finally hear her we have. Beef jerky. Prevail jerky this is a woman on small business all made in America it's jerky that's made without preservatives 100% grass fed. Beat low sugar low sodium so away free we've got for a different flavors. Sometimes hard to choose somebody's favorite. So. Original and lemon grass and told as well as spicy are among the most popular you'll get F four pack for fourteen dollars that's a 50% saving. All right so are we appreciate you as always and to our viewers wanted to know we partner in all of these companies on these great deals to get George to visit our website. For all the best deals with foreign had sixteen bonus deals with summer fun available to shop now on Good Morning America dot com.

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{"duration":"4:40","description":"Tory Johnson has incredible bargains on jewelry, wine accessories and more. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78318687","title":"'GMA3' Deals & Steals for $20 or less","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/gma3-deals-steals-20-78318687"}