‘GMA3’ Deals & Steals to get you ready for spring

Tory Johnson has incredible bargains on solutions for your home, pets and more.
5:22 | 04/14/21

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Transcript for ‘GMA3’ Deals & Steals to get you ready for spring
It is time for "Deals and steals" where we partner with companies to bring our viewers incredible savings and of course Tory Johnson is here with some spring solutions to help you get ready for season, so let's check in with Tory for more on these bargains. So I had to have this explained to me, but tell us what we're looking at, is it for your dog, for you, innovative bottles? Once you understand this highwave bottle, Amy, you won't go anywhere outdoors with your dog without it. It's kind of an instant upgrade for on-the-go duration. You can squeeze the bottle in the car, in the park, anywhere you want to give your dog some water and instantly fills the cup. But if your dog only takes a couple little licks and instead of wasting it, you release and the water goes back in. It is leak-proof. And they also have a separate brand-new version that's hydration for you, with a little extra cup that's built in for your dog. So it's a brilliant company, a brilliant product. Once you use it, you will be hooked. And today's a good day to try it because the whole collection is 50% off and they start at $9. Sounds great. And this is total comfort foot spray? Tell us what this is. For your feet, still standing, so whether you are standing in the studio in heels, whether you are just on your feet no matter what shoes you're wearing, because your job demands it all day long, or you're vaccinated and now venturing out more, this is a great product for you, because it's natural drug-free, cooling pain relief, and what it's designed to do is to prevent the swelling that, the issue that causes swelling, that then makes our shoes too tight and our shoes hurt and our feet painful, it's used right on bare skin when you spray it, it lasts for up to six hours, works both for men and women no matter the shoes you're wearing, you'll get a set today for $22. Your dog is barking there. A lot happening on that table. Speaking of the dog, this smells great and I just tried it so I'll let you know how it feels in a few minutes. On to hair turbans. Yes, aquis. So this is the company that really kind of invented the fabric that is specifically designed for hair, to help dry hair faster, without breakage, reducing frizz, sort of all of the things that a big heavy towel damages our hair quite frankly. So it's lightweight to wear. It looks good, it's easy, they come in a variety of colors and styles, both towels and turbans, this is the hair towel. If you've got any type of hair that you want to dry before you either let it go naturally, or you style it, this is the product for you. Big assortment today that starts at $10.50. All right, turn to my table here and Tory you got me all up in the kitchen. What have you got? First up boonsupply, they make eco-friendly products that ae great for every day. Sort of simple easy swaps. So for example, to reduce plastic reliance, there's glass nesting bowls, reusable zip pouches. We also have their compost bin. And then when we move to the laundry, we have their liquid-less detergent, zero waste, and roll drier balls. Lots of really easy things to just make your home a little more green and clean. All accessively placed today the big assortment ranges from $7.50 to $17. And robach, will you please stop spraying your feet in my kitchen please. Stop stilleto suffering, T.J. Stop stilleto suffering, we're still on her table. Back to my table here. We have an automatic grinder here? Yes, what's great about finamill, is that it allows you to grind spices and it looks really nice sitting on a counter, so very often, we grab for whatever is easiest, and for a lot of people, it's like the salt that's right there, so this allows to you have a lot of fresh spices right in front of you. I hear you, I think it's you, grinding away there. So she's got her spray, you've got our grinder, you guys at home can get this deal, it's a bundle for $24. And then T.J., we will end also with some more cleaning, because this company tricol makes cleaning easier with premium microfiber, so all of their microfiber is made out of recycled plastic bottles, no chemicals, no dyes, and they all have very specific purposes. For the kitchen, dish cloths, dish towels. We've got a great scrubby sponge. Even for the car, we have a special car washcloth and detail Mitt. These products just help make things cleaner. Less elbow grease. More results. Great price. They all start at $5. All right, always great stuff from you, Tory. We've got something for the dog, for your feet, for your head, for the kitchen, all kinds of stuff. So Tory Johnson, thank you as always, and want to let our viewers know we have partnered with these amazing companies to get great deals, and visit our website for all of the best deals. How are your feet? Feeling great. Really? They smell lovely. No, the stuff, it has a scent to it. It's minty. Like eucalyptus or something. What a show.

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{"duration":"5:22","description":"Tory Johnson has incredible bargains on solutions for your home, pets and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77068292","title":"‘GMA3’ Deals & Steals to get you ready for spring","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/gma3-deals-steals-ready-spring-77068292"}