‘GMA3’ Deals & Steals on spring accessories

Tory Johnson has incredible bargains on jewelry, stylish eyewear and more.
4:40 | 05/05/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘GMA3’ Deals & Steals on spring accessories
It's time for "Deals & steals," where we partner with companies to bring our viewers incredible savings and the one and only Tory Johnson here with the perfect accessories for spring, so let's check in with Tory now for more about these bargains. First up I see some hats. Yes, Amy, this is ponyflo. It's the easiest way to wear a ponytail or a bun without any struggle, without messing up your hair, oftentimes you have to like pull your ponytail through. This has a special kind of tangle-free, hassle-free area in the back that just opens and closes around the hairstyle of your choice. We also have their brand-new active collection and it's a lightweight breathable fabric that has uv protection built in and then the everyday collection with fun phrases to wear. And even bucket hats that are great for gardening or at the beach, that provide even more coverage with that same easy access in the back. Your choice today, starts at $11. All right, that's awesome. Now we have some very beautiful colorful sparkly necklaces. Yes, this is jtg jewelry, making their "Gma" deals debut with us, and they just make fun jewelry, exactly as you said, it's trendy, it's colorful, you can mix and match to create your own style. They have these really cool enamel chains that I love, plus the popular paper clip chains and then so many different charms with stones and rainbows and enamel, kind of your choice, you can stack a bunch on one or create a layered look of your choice, accessibly priced today, all of the pieces start at $12. Awesome. And then, oh, yes, I've been needing these a lot lately, glasses. Tell us about the deal on this. Yes, I heart eyewear, they make a couple of really innovative products, so one of their most popular are makeup readers and they look kind of odd, why is there only one lens, but it allows to you pop that lens from left to right so that you can see when putting in a contact lens or applying makeup to an eye and you can't see perfectly and this helps you to have a little strength there. Plus, we have their neck readers and those are great, because they go around your neck, and they're easily accessible, right when you need them most. They just kind of are always hanging there easily. And then we also have their bluelight blockers, their glasses that are optical quality that are great, magnifying necklaces. You get it. There's a big assortment here. All great prices. They start at $7.50. Now I understand why there was eye makeup there. That is the coolest thing. T.J. Is very confused though. Very smart. But girls understand. We understand. Tory, this is, I've never seen her more excited about one of your "Deals & steals" than I am right now. But let's move on. I have skinny tees. What's going on over here? You do have skinny tees over there. This is a bright company that makes tanks that are, they'll stretch but they won't stretch out. So they smooth in all of the right places, they're a little longer than most, nice coverage with them, assorted colors, brand-new options for spring and then we also have their open vest which is great for style or coverage or both, your choice. Big assortment from this company today, in both misses and plus size, these pieces range from $14 to $28 with our discount. Tell us about all of these bottles of deodorizer. What's going on here? Yes, so solemates, as the weather gets warmer, feet and shoes get sweatier, this is a great easy to use, made in America, shoe deodorizer. It goes on clear, leaves no residue, and it will keep your shoes smelling fresh. So what's better than that besides a discount, 50% off your choice of the bottles for travel at home, slashed in half $6. And then to go with that, we need to give you some shoes and so we're ending here with jack Rogers. These are easy to wear, chic and versatile, it's sandals season, we've had a huge assortment, way more than just what you see here. Sandals, mules, loafers, wedges, sizes that range from 5 to 12. They're all beautifully made. A popular brand. Our deal, 50% off. They start at $25. Well, hey, what size did you send us here? I don't remember actually. Let's see. 7? I'm an 8. An 8. Okay, well, that all works. It's an 8. I'll know for next time. I'll know for next time. Tory, good to see you. Thank you very much. And we want our viewers to know we have partnered with these amazing companies on these great deals. To get yours, visit our website for all of these great deals.

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{"duration":"4:40","description":"Tory Johnson has incredible bargains on jewelry, stylish eyewear and more. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77506338","title":"‘GMA3’ Deals & Steals on spring accessories","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/gma3-deals-steals-spring-accessories-77506338"}