‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star Jesse Williams wants you to ‘BeGreat’

The actor talks about BeGreatTV, an online platform that will offer masterclass-like courses taught by Black and brown innovators and leaders from around the world.
5:11 | 04/19/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star Jesse Williams wants you to ‘BeGreat’
Let's turn now to actor Jesse Williams on a mission to change lives you of course know him from ABC's hit John agrees anatomy but now. His newest project open doors and offer some much needed help and the first step could be as simple as signing up for a new app. Featuring career advice from top talent. Here's a sneak peek your co. You initiated the Laurie US diversity count. For meeting did here. For me to sit on the scene with you right now I had to do produced everybody. In my run circles around why for a firsthand just fly pasts are being more diplomatic V quick. There. Are at the app is called being great and the man who does at all producer director actor Jesse Williams is with us now to tell us all about a Jesse thank you so much for being with us we're gonna talk about the happen justice act but first I know. Fans are very curious about the future is data is. All of your role on Grey's Anatomy because we know you landed an amazing Broadway part it's of course been put on hold while cove in. Takes place we think that this pandemic situation but you'll be back on Broadway hopefully very very soon so. What is it going to be are we still gonna see doctor eight Jackson Avery be around for seasons to come on grades. I'm sticking around I'm singing around as far as you know sort of so far we've got we've got a lot of them exciting things. Coming out both on screen and onstage as a you're right I'm I'm really excited. About Broadway as well and and of course there's always something I have a much lead in terms of the entrepreneurial stakes in education space and that's. That's another reason I'm excited to be leading this morning things that in. I hear the man who truly does it also lets talk about B grade this is your first time actually sharing. News about the app but the world's would tell us how it's gonna work. Yes so you know it's kind of a two part two part launch that would thinking about right now one is really too. Set the stage I think we have some. Understanding. Core value for a buy pot community. Black indigenous people are colored. Valuing the experience intelligence and education information we have. Amongst ourselves and being able to really become aware of our own value. And our ability to be self sustaining and choose our own experts choose our instructors choose who we. Put our confidence in and and and likewise have them choose us back Thomas and creating a space in terms of education information experience art. Album history. I'm practical. And a platform where you can turn your passion into a profession. Where you can not only get information from folks who have achieved success in certain areas but you can also gain information in context. Who do you know if we say that experience is the best teacher then why not have our teachers. Have shared experience without us what is the reality. Being a black or brown person coming up in your field it's not just. The information to climb up through the ranks of the mailroom what is it lets very different to be a woman in that in a certain field. And maybe it would be more helpful for her to get instruction and best practices and experience from who women who have been through it. And giving people the tools that they need to to do all of that and more what do you hope. Users will actually be able to take away from this app what's what's the take away. Well well any and everything that that you want in life if you ever if you have Tom from hobby to a passion to a profession he really. Interest to didn't. We have folks from in and around our communities who are responsible. Decent and experience that can teach you what they've learned. What they've done how they've gotten their create community around that four collective growth and and and and also be able to. Grow annoyed it's not just about proximity to status but actually you valuing the process of learning. Artist teaching artists. You know not unlike you know the the legacy of Black Mountain College or Reno or the like real sense of purpose and respect in the executive the spiritual path as well as. The actual informative passed though it is a it is an educational platform online mobile digital. Where you can learn anything and everything from folks who. Not only I may look like you but can share your experience and give your real plaque practical application. How to how to proceed in and in that arena. Wow it sounds like you've covered. Literally every subject from my physical emotional spiritual professional. It's pretty remarkable Jesse Williams thank you so much for being with us today we Ripley appreciate you. Thanks for having once it's all it's all very intertwined in. We're excited with the bat signal out to both both students and teachers. But I'd say it's a new day really excited thank you so much for junior class woman arrested well we we're excited to have you to Jesse thank you semites.

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"The actor talks about BeGreatTV, an online platform that will offer masterclass-like courses taught by Black and brown innovators and leaders from around the world.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77166287","title":"‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star Jesse Williams wants you to ‘BeGreat’","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/greys-anatomy-star-jesse-williams-begreat-77166287"}