Home renovation series highlights ways to reuse common household items

Victoria Rowell, creator and host of "Trash vs. Treasure,” discussed ways to be creative on a budget.
4:11 | 07/22/20

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Transcript for Home renovation series highlights ways to reuse common household items
On her Instagram, @drjashton. This is the perfect time to be creative on a budget. In an all-new series may have you asking, why didn't I think of that? Take a look. She lives with her older son. When they come and visit it's very important for me to know that they're comfortable and happy. It's really narrow, a small space. My desire would be for my 17-year-old son to have his own bed. That's amazing. Oh. Well, that's umc.tv's "Trash versus treasure" series, and we're so excited to have the creator and the host of the show with us now, interior designer and actress Victoria Rowell, and thank so much for being with us today. This series shows a little bit of money and a lot of creativity can go a very long way, so what inspired you to create this show? All of my foster mothers. Amy, good morning. And good morning, America. All of my foster mothers and mentors who've raised me, who had limited budgets, and they shared what they had with me. They all were designers in their own way and one of my first experiences in interior designing was my foster mother, on our 200-year-old farm, allowing me to redecorate our wood shed, Amy, the power of opportunity, right? This is an ironing board, Amy, okay, and it can be made into a dining table, a luncheon table, a breakfast table. This is set up for two people. You can use a scarf, a runner or a sheet even for a tablecloth. Some tablecloth and linen from goodwill. You can put your hot food on the very end, this table can seat four people. Flip a coin for the point here, Amy, no one wants to sit on the point. But you can sit four people at a table. Just put somebody on the other side. You can actually put two people on the ends. So you can use chairs, Amy, barstools, but I'm a fan of the supermarket milk crates myself. I love it. Always multitasking. We're going to move over here, Amy, to my desk, I have a wonderful desk set up to sit two children, but it can sit three children if you put a seat on the other side. Amy,he ironing board has three settings, so it could be a coffee table, it could be a desk, and in this case, two children, somebody who's doing algebra or research. You have plenty of space, lots of real estate with the ironing board. You can really get busy with it. Amy, this can also be an extension of a regular business desk, so if you took the "L" shape of the configuration, you have your desk here and this would be your side board for all of that paperwork that I know you're so busy doing, all right. The hardware on the back end of an ironing board is extraordinary, you can flip the ironing board over, Amy, and the legs facing up, you can put a big round on it or a larger table, because guess what, social distancing during Thanksgiving and the holidays. You can also use this for wrapping gifts. So I'm thinking ahead always with the ironing board, and let's not sleep on the ironing board being a coffee table, that third setting just goes right down to a beautiful coffee table. So, social distancing with style. I am amazed what you just did with an ironing board, who would have thought that? This is so cool. This series on umc.tv is about transforming obviously spaces but also lives. Victoria Rowell, this has heart and so many great ideas and it's been wonderful to have you with us. We certainly appreciate it. Well, it's wonderful being here. Thank you, trash versus treasure umc, thank you. Thank you, Victoria.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"Victoria Rowell, creator and host of \"Trash vs. Treasure,” discussed ways to be creative on a budget.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71927100","title":"Home renovation series highlights ways to reuse common household items","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/home-renovation-series-highlights-ways-reuse-common-household-71927100"}