Incredible 9-year-old who donated 600 toys gets a big surprise

Orion Jean won the 2020 National Kindness Speech contest and donated over 600 toys to a local children's hospital.
4:49 | 09/21/20

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Transcript for Incredible 9-year-old who donated 600 toys gets a big surprise
Bring me a higher love Our next guest just 9 years old but already doing big things by spreading kindness. In his Texas community. After his parents entered him into a speech contest, he had only 24 hours to prepare for this thing. Not only did he win the thing, he won a $500 grand prize, what would a 9-year-old do with that money do you think? Well, he bought toys for a local children's hospital. Wow, and his kindness was so contagious, others wanted to take part, too, so here to tell us more about it is Orion Jean. Look at you and your big smile and your kind heart. Not only a hard worker at school but you also spend your free time helping others. So tell us about the campaign you created race to kindness. Tell us how it got started. So a couple of months ago, my teacher sent me a message that she wanted me into a speech contest and I told my mom about it, and she said you can't win if you don't enter, so I entered. There was only one catch -- 24 hours before the contest closed. So I worked superhard to put together a speech and record it, and a couple of weeks later, I got a message back saying that I was in the top 20. And they paired me with a speech coach to improve my speech and that speech was even better. At that point, voting was up to America to decide. So, after a couple of weeks, a few weeks, then when the desk cleared I had won. And they gave me some prize money to do my own kindness project and I thought, hey, why not start a series of events since more money is coming in anyway? I decided to call that the race to kindness. This first event was donating 500 toys, racing to 500 toys to the children's hospital in Dallas. That's fantastic. It was up to America to vote for you in that competition. We'll vote for you for anything you're doing. It all sounds great. And look, you're 9 years old. You got $500. Look, I know a 9-year-old is supposed to want toys, but you're actually giving toys away, you know what, does it feel better to get a new toy or to give away 500 or 600 toys? Well, when you think about it donating toys to someone who really needs it as opposed to me who has already all the toys, then it's an reward in itself. Just talking to you is reward enough. Tell us about your initiative and how people can help you help others. Yes, so, we're going to be doing another event very soon and to stay tuned on that, you can go to my website, Or follow me on Instagram at Orion -- Jean. What are the plans now moving forward to keep putting smiles on kids' faces? Yes, right now, we're looking at a project for children and adults that are food insecure. Wow. I still can't believe you're only 9. You know what, we have something special for you. The toy company Melissa and Doug, they were so inspired by you that they're generously donating $5,000 worth of imagination toys. Including their scoop and serve ice cream counter to a hospital of your choice. Thank you. Tell us how you feel right now, Orion. It feels great doing something kind and it feels even better when that is a quantity, I spent a month collecting 600 toys with the $500 and other donations. And now, we have $5,000 worth of toys, for more kids. And that feels amazing. Orion, my man, it's an absolute pleasure to see you and to hear about what you're doing. Little guy, a 9-year-old showing adults to do big things. It's a pleasure and I hope we get to see you down the road, Orion. Okay. Okay, bye. Thank you. Jen, a tough act to follow.

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"Orion Jean won the 2020 National Kindness Speech contest and donated over 600 toys to a local children's hospital.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73148465","title":"Incredible 9-year-old who donated 600 toys gets a big surprise","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/incredible-year-donated-600-toys-big-surprise-73148465"}