Jonny Sun says he used phone notes to write new book

The bestselling author talks about mental health issues and his latest book “Goodbye, Again: Essays, Reflections, and Illustrations.”
2:58 | 05/14/21

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Transcript for Jonny Sun says he used phone notes to write new book
Wow, well, our next guest is an acclaimed author and illustrator and 2017 he was named one of "Time" magazine's 25 most influential people on the internet and two years later he was one of "Forbes" magazine's 30 under 30. Impressive is what we're trying to say out with a new book called "Goodbye, again: Essays, reflections, and illustrations". Please, everybody, welcome "The New York Times" best-selling author Jonny sun. Good to have you with us. Look, my man, you made a book out of notes on your phone and whether I read that I went and looked at my notes that I keep on my phone, they don't rise to the level of a book. How does that work that just taking notes in your phone ended up being a book now? Well, I mean I think as a writer I've been -- I've been focused on just getting like -- getting thoughts down and getting things down that I thought I had figured out for myself and doing that since 2017/2018 and I was doing that before I even thought about doing a book based on all these things but I had just been writing little realization, little epiphanies and eventually my wife prodded me and said, you know, maybe these -- this series of thoughts can become your next book and I started going back and I started realizing that I was writing about some common themes so themes about loneliness and anxiety and isolation and leaving and the idea of memory and when I realized that all of these notes kind of revolved around the same ideas I realized, oh, this could potentially be a project because these result feel kind of unifying. In your book, one of your essays you have called it unnatural words and you talk about our culture of work and productivity. Tell us about it. Yeah, I mean a lot of the book I think has been me trying to understand the tie between like the idea of identity and the idea of value and the idea of work and productivity and how those things become so ingrained and so kind of tangled in our society, in our culture and in unnatural words I have a passage that is, I've tried to become more attentive to treat natural elements of ourself as currency such as paying attention or spending time. Really thinking a lot about the idea that work and the idea of like creating value is so ingrained in us that we even consider natural elements of our selves like attention and like time things that we have to spend and to trade and to sort of like give away and to buy -- to buy other things with so I've been really trying to be critical of using those words and of sort of like the idea of productivity and work seem into every element of our lives. Jonny sun, thank you so much for joining us. We want to make sure everyone makes up a copy of "Goodbye, again: Essays, reflections, and illustrations". It's out now. Thanks again, Jonny, we really appreciated those words of wisdom. Thanks for having me.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"The bestselling author talks about mental health issues and his latest book “Goodbye, Again: Essays, Reflections, and Illustrations.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77690793","title":"Jonny Sun says he used phone notes to write new book","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/jonny-sun-phone-notes-write-book-77690793"}