Meet the pastor who gave Biden’s inaugural benediction

Rev. Silvester Beaman talks about the words he chose, his long-standing friendship with the Bidens, and how COVID has affected him and his congregation.
3:51 | 01/22/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Meet the pastor who gave Biden’s inaugural benediction
her Instagram at @drjashton. Let's turn now to our favorite segment of the week. Always, faith Friday. Today we have a very special guest, who we all saw delivering the benediction at the inauguration of president Biden, that was just a few days ago. Yes, he is a longtime friend of the Biden family, as well as a pastor of bethel African methodist episcopal church in Wilmington, Delaware. Please, everyone, welcome reverend Dr. Silvester Beaman. Thank you so much for being with us. And as we mentioned, we all saw you, we were all there with you, felt your passion and certainly the words we needed to hear. We know you go way back as we just said with the Bidens. Can you give us a story, we love a story, of how you two met? Well, we met at my church, during a church event, and as you know, with Joe Biden, you are only a stranger once, and so we became quick friends, and over the years, we have collaborated, we have shared, and a very special relationship with his son, beau Biden. And reverend, I'm curious, did president Biden directly ask you to deliver this? Yeah, he called me on January the 3rd, a Sunday night. I was preparing for bed and he said would you be available to give the benediction. I said of course. If I have anything on my schedule, it is moved. Well, that makes perfect sense. I want to go to something you did say, given the times that we are in, you were there on that stage, and you said this, you said we will make friends of our enemies. What did you mean and how can we apply that to I guess some of the back and forth and a lot of people watching right now, see people on the other side, and maybe see that person as an enemy. But I want to know what you meant by that. What I meant by that, it actually comes from the experience on January 6th, and what I meant by that is that when we find our humanity in god, and that commonness, we can very easily make a friend of an enemy, that we would not see our dissimilarities, but because of our humanity, we will see our similarities. And we will work to create a more beloved community. And I have to ask, just for the fun of it here, you're sitting on a stage, and the Obamas are right there, and the Clintons are right there, the bushes are right there, but J. Lo was also right there, and A-Rod is right there, and gaga is over there. So you tell me, being up on that stage, what were you kind of most overwhelmed, what was most surreal about that? I think the whole thing, all of it coming together, was a wonderful kaleidoscope of experiences, of faces and personalities, and what was good about it, before the actual inauguration, we had a chance to talk and share and all of those people that you are talking about, I shared with. And the last thing here, then, as we often do on our faith Friday guest just after the week, every week seems to be difficult and has new challenges but we always ask our faith Friday guest to send our viewers away for the weekend with some encouraging words. What do you have for us? My encouraging words would be to all of us to dig deep, look inside of where we are, and our experience, and the place of our faith, and from there, seek god and ask for directions. Trust in the lord with all thy heart and all ways acknowledge him and he will direct our path. God will direct our path. Ask for direction. I needed to hear that. Reverend Dr. Beaman, thank you so much. You were incredible of course this week and we are certainly so appreciative of your time, with us here, on this faith Friday. Thank you for being with us. Thanks for having me.

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"Rev. Silvester Beaman talks about the words he chose, his long-standing friendship with the Bidens, and how COVID has affected him and his congregation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75428150","title":"Meet the pastor who gave Biden’s inaugural benediction ","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/meet-pastor-gave-bidens-inaugural-benediction-75428150"}