Multicultural beauty brand goes from ‘GMA3’ to ‘Shark Tank’

The Frias sisters update us on how they are thriving with their brand Luna Magic, despite these challenging times.
2:16 | 02/22/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Multicultural beauty brand goes from ‘GMA3’ to ‘Shark Tank’
we are back with the sisters' success story, the women behind a beauty brand Luna magic. Going straight from our "Gma3" spotlight, right here, to a pivotal moment with shark Barbara Corcoran, take a look. Barbara, you have a deal. You got it. Congrats. You have a great partner. Luna magic was started in 2019 and we are beauty with a vibe. We champion high quality, high quality cosmetics, all at great prices. Our niche audience are really Latina multicultural women who self-identify with multiple layers of the diaspora and we're really talking to women who are beauty lovers first and foremost. Since "Gma3," we have been working really hard. So we were on "Shark tank" and our episode aired in January and moved into a new warehouse and we started onboarding new employees and we got to launch our first collection at Walmart. We have a deal with Barbara Corcoran on "Shark tank" and we're a three-woman team. I'm the most organized person I've ever met, so I can help you with that, get your house in order, with great clarity. The "Shark tank" experience was really amazing. Out of the blue, again, during covid, we were like what should we do? You know, we had all of this time to actually think now. So we're like, oh, "Shark tank," let's through in an application to see what happens. The sharks were really tough on us, and they gave us really great feedback about our business, so you know, I think for us, it was really, really great. So after "Shark tank," we received a lot of visibility. Obviously an increase in sales, which we're really excited to see. I feel the show mainly gave us the exposure to our community, and they're constantly emailing us, dming us, like, hey, we're so proud of you girls, girls that came from New York City doing, you know, business with the big dogs. Our big dream is to really build a beautiful community of beauty lovers in which they feel represented, they feel excited by what we're doing, and you know, for us, it is really about the community of customers. Great story, and they're in really good hands with Barbara Corcoran. Oh, yes. The most organized person she knows. I love that.

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"The Frias sisters update us on how they are thriving with their brand Luna Magic, despite these challenging times. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76047610","title":"Multicultural beauty brand goes from ‘GMA3’ to ‘Shark Tank’","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/multicultural-beauty-brand-gma3-shark-tank-76047610"}