NFL star shares details about his positive COVID-19 test

Denver Broncos Kareem Jackson also talks about the league’s pandemic protocols, the uncertain status of the Super Bowl and more.
5:14 | 10/19/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NFL star shares details about his positive COVID-19 test
Week six of the NFL season concludes tonight. But players testing positive in some areas of covid-19. Games postponed, many wondering, is the NFL going to make it through the season and to the super bowl weekend in February? It's a big question. Here with an insider look is Denver broncos safety Kareem Jackson. Thanks so much for being with us, and we should mention back in June, you tested positive for covid-19. I want to hear about what that experience was like and how you're doing right now. My case was a -- it was really a tough case for me. Like you said, I tested positive back in June and just, you know, after that, I had some symptoms and then, you know, maybe about four, five days mine kind of got really bad to the point where, I couldn't taste, I couldn't smell, you know, no appetite, I lost a lot of weight, and so after that it was a tough time trying to get back. But now, I'm feeling better than ever. Kareem, we saw on the early weeks of the season, some coaches got major fines for not wearing their masks. But you're around your fellow players in locker room and practices, do you certainly believe your fellow players, everybody's taking it seriously, do you see that your fellow players are taking this seriously and taking the proper precautions always? Yes, I think now, especially with the increased amount of positive tests over the last few weeks, I think the guys are definitely taking it seriously and I think they're taking the proper protocols, the thing about it is, I don't think anybody knows exactly what we're dealing with. In terms of ways that we can stay safe. But for us as players, we're just trying to do actly what we're told in terms of protocols and wearing our masks and cleaning our hands and just trying to be clean at everything we do. I want to switch gears here a little bit, we know that the NFL has gotten criticism for how they handled Colin Kaepernick and how players can protest if they want to before games. You organized one of the largest black lives matter protest in Denver over the summer, have you found that the NFL is a sincere partner in this moving forward? Do you think you have a sincere partner in the NFL? I think so now. And I think because the guys are doing a great job of using their platform and organizing these rallies and these protests that they have no choice but to listen now, and I think they're doing some things to back the players and back you know what Colin Kaepernick was saying those years ago and it showed that they're behind us 100% when it comes to the black lives matter and, you know, just supporting African-Americans around the world, so for me and the guys that helped me organize that protest, that was huge for us to be able to do that here in our community, in Denver, and to show our community we're with them, so moving forward we have to continue to use our platform and continue to hold the NFL accountable when it comes to that and like you said, not let them be about lip service. And support us. Kareem, you're using your platform. Object is breast cancer awareness month, your mother is a two-time survivor, that makes your mom and I sisters. I'm a survivor myself. I love hearing about the work you're doing there on the field. Tell us about what you've done to support awareness and to get the funding it truly needs? First of all, congratulations on being a survivor of breast cancer, that's huge. You know, a lot of women don't, you know, survive that fight and like you said, my mom is a two-time breast cancer survivor, you know, I've seen firsthand how that fight is, how it can affect the family, and so with it being October and breast cancer awareness month, this year I'll be donating $250 for every tackle that I make this month, for the stump out breast cancer foundation. I also have a foundation, Kareem Jackson foundation, we support women around the world with breast cancer, and just to let them know that they're not alone. A lot of women out there going through this fight, so we want to be some type of stability, support for them, and try to put smiles on their faces and cater to them whenever we can. Really glad you recovered so well from covid. So you can keep making those tackles because we need to raise some money. I appreciate it. Kareem Jackson, thank you so much. No problem. Thank you as well.

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{"duration":"5:14","description":"Denver Broncos Kareem Jackson also talks about the league’s pandemic protocols, the uncertain status of the Super Bowl and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73697592","title":"NFL star shares details about his positive COVID-19 test","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/nfl-star-shares-details-positive-covid-19-test-73697592"}