Nurse association president talks vaccine distribution, PPE shortages

ANA president Ernest J. Grant addresses the Trump administration’s vaccination policy change, his participation in the Moderna trial and more.
5:00 | 01/13/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nurse association president talks vaccine distribution, PPE shortages
After hitting much slower than expected Kevin nineteen vaccine roll out the Tom administration announced it would release. All of its available vaccine supply and then instructed State's to begin providing vaccinations to anyone over the age of sixty. Sold to discuss this now with us this vaccine rollout of issues affecting our brave nurses on the pandemic front lines. President of the American Nurses Association doctor earnest grad doctor gray thank you. So much for being with us and front line workers health care workers to supposed to be the first in line some of the first in line. But we keep hearing these reports of so many. Not wanting the vaccine right now or at least choosing to wait why is it that so many of our nurses right now are. Little hesitant at least initially to take. All thank you for having me actually nurses are getting vaccinated and in fact one of the first. Americans to be vaccinated was a nurse several weeks ago. And we're hearing from our state nurses association in December. Wouldn't spend the vaccines and they many not gotten their first sings and are eagerly waiting bare second one. Books than those who are not getting vaccinated there could be a number of reasons such as our d.s army mutual concerns. Or health conditions that they may have that may prevent them from taking the vaccine. So about the grant we've seen numbers that 4050%. Even 80% in some places are saying that they don't wanna take it initially. That you're saying you you don't find that to be the case with it's a lot of nurses. Those are what what we're hearing yeah obviously there are some nurses who you know they're they're humans as well so you know you have to argue to make that decision that the majority of nurses that we have been speaking weapon that we're hearing reports songs they are taking the vaccine mainly because they're working closely with these coated patients and do not want to take the virus home. To their loved ones or or perhaps risk getting sick themselves. Doctor Greg you are a pioneer and all of this because you agreed to take part in the mid during a vaccine trial. Why was participating in that in those early stages so important to you. Oh well. I didn't dogs are to participate in the unit started trial for two reasons one I knew that there is a need to four more people of color to participate and I want to be able to do that and the other as the leader of the nation's four point three million registered nurses wanted to set an example for my colleagues and so that once the vaccines would be approved that they would not have any hesitancy about that if they realize superior there are national leader was also willing to take the vaccine during the the. The trials done to Britain who is so much who would talk early on in the pandemic was about nurses not having enough PPE. We did stories and like every single day but are we still seeing that lag in. The not having the equipment they need. Yes that unfortunately you still happening and one of the things that we are asking the incoming administration to do is to. Implement the defense production act so that more PPs can float through supply chain not only just mess but here recently as. More and more natural born through this third and fourth to wave of commutes it's infection. That's an increased demand on supplies such as gloves as well we're hearing from a number of states that there is no blood shortage that is going and so with the implementation of the GPA will be able to get more of those critical resources in the supply chain and into the hands of via health care personnel or they can be used. I'm curious is it your experience have you seen that this pandemic has inspired more young people to pursue the profession of nursing. Or hasn't dissuaded them because of the risks. It has actually when I'm hearing from our nursing schools across the country is that there is an increase in their waiting list of people who want to become nurses I think this is similar to what we experience with non eleven when a lot of people decided to join the military as city you know patriotic thing to do I think now people are realizing that this is an opportunity for them to be able to serve their fellow man as well which is wonderful because there always was a nursing shortage and this pandemic has certainly created an even larger nursing shortage so. Problem I am grateful that people are choosing nursing as an area that's a profession that they'd like to go into. Now we are certainly grateful as well to all of the incredible nurses out there I know so many of us have relied on then throughout the years to get us through the toughest times. In our lives our hats. Our off to you and to everyone whose owners thank you so much president of the American Nurses Association. Doctor Ernest Graham we appreciate your time and we appreciate you. Thank you think you have to go lower and I think Alan well thank you are doctored and going to undo an.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"ANA president Ernest J. Grant addresses the Trump administration’s vaccination policy change, his participation in the Moderna trial and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75224664","title":"Nurse association president talks vaccine distribution, PPE shortages","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/nurse-association-president-talks-vaccine-distribution-ppe-shortages-75224664"}