Orlando mayor: No bars until a vaccine

Mayor Buddy Dyer on the impact of Hurricane Isaias, theme park safety and the outlook for reopening the city’s bars.
3:22 | 08/04/20

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Transcript for Orlando mayor: No bars until a vaccine
Monday, carrying life-threatening storm surge, heavy rains. Florida, though, did get a lucky reprieve from Isaias. As the storm brushed past the coast. Once the global epicenter of this pandemic, Florida's woe unfortunately are far from over, the state reported its highest covid-related death toll with 257 deaths. Here to talk about the situation in one of Florida's biggest cities is the mayor of Orlando, buddy dyer. May year dyer, thanks so much for being with us. Tell us how your city is holding up right now. Thank you for having me on. We were very fortunate over the weekend that we didn't get the impact that we thought we might get from the storm. We're certainly thinking about neighbors to the north. We certainly have had a recurrence, or a second wave of covid that took us all a little bit by surprise but we're improving over the last seven to ten days. And mayor, while you were spared from this storm, obviously this is the beginning of hurricane season, so how concern are you about how this pandemic and the surge there could affect the remainder of the hurricane season? The biggest concern is how safely we would shelter people that either need to come in inland from the coast and our own residents, because the social distancing and the wearing masks you're going to need a lot more space for the number of people that we would usually shelter, so that's probably one of the biggest concerns. Mayor, I know Orlando very well known for its theme parks, you began reopening in June and July, so what is your stance on all of those reopenings given your recent spikes? You know, we haven't had any evidence of any covid-related positive tests related to visiting theme parks, certainly hasn't been an outbreak and I've been extremely impressed with the protocols and the procedures that each of the theme parks have put in, they're only operating at about 25% capacity, so I think they've done a good job in terms of what they've done. I heard a few people say maybe one of the safest places to be to avoid the coronavirus is one of our theme parks. All right, well, not many people are saying that about bars, Florida's top regulator meeting with bar owners across the state about how they could safely reopen their businesses, do you foresee bars reopening in Orlando any time soon? I think bars are one of the most -- in one of the most difficult situations, unlike a restaurant where you might go with your family and sit in a booth and be able to isolate or socially disnce, when you go to bar you're going there to interact with people. You're not going to sit in a corner and drink a beer by yourself. So it's probably the biggest challenge for a business, any sort of business that we have, so I just don't know how until probably we have a vaccine, I'm not sure how we bring the bars back quite honestly. The safety of everyone is first and foremost. We certainly appreciate your time. Mayor buddy dyer, thank you for being with us today. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"Mayor Buddy Dyer on the impact of Hurricane Isaias, theme park safety and the outlook for reopening the city’s bars.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72168399","title":"Orlando mayor: No bars until a vaccine","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/orlando-mayor-bars-vaccine-72168399"}