Top tips to avoid a holiday delivery disaster

ABC News correspondent Becky Worley has what you need to know about getting your gifts delivered in time for the holidays.
2:41 | 12/02/20

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Transcript for Top tips to avoid a holiday delivery disaster
As we move into the holiday season this year, it will be like no other. Shipping delays that could create a real-life grinch that stole Christmas scenario. Becky Worley joins us with tips to avoid a holiday disaster. Becky, you're calling this shipageddon. Tell us why. That's right, Amy. Shipageddo. It's a perfect storm of events that could really mess up your holidays, somewhere between Sharknado and the grinch stole Christmas as you mentioned. Let me explain what's happening. First, you got online shopping, which is up over 20% from last year, then you've got various shelter in place orders and then you got big fulfillment centers, like Amazon and Walmart warehouses, running with a reduced labor force as a result. The same problem at shipping hubs. It's not business as usual, both U.P.S. And FedEx, FedEx is levying surcharges on big retailers who ship a lot over the holidays. And the post office is limiting the number of people can be in the post office at any one time. So it sounds like you're saying procrastinating, this ain't the year for this. No, T.J. Let's be explicit here, last-minute holiday shopping is going to be dicey at best. Shop early, we're talking now, Amazon hasn't announced their shipping delays. December 15th is a major date from U.P.S., FedEx and the post office for cutoff dates. After that, prices go way, way, way up. And speaking of pricing going way up, what about free can we still expect that on some items, most items? Bless your departed soul, rest in peace, free shipping. I'm sort of kidding. It was so much less available at least in my anecdotal shopping experience over Black Friday. I didn't see as much free shipping. I also noticed a phenomena that was backed up by some of my friends online, often you didn't have the option of shipping, many items were available for pickup in store only, guys. Wow. Free shippinot happening? She said good luck finding it. Oh, my goodness gracious. Becky, that's why we love having you. You always bring Christmas cheer. I'm the grinch, I know. We appreciate your expertise. You've been at this for a long time. We trust everything you tell us. Thank you so, so muc T the award-winning

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{"duration":"2:41","description":"ABC News correspondent Becky Worley has what you need to know about getting your gifts delivered in time for the holidays.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74506629","title":"Top tips to avoid a holiday delivery disaster","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/top-tips-avoid-holiday-delivery-disaster-74506629"}