It's a bad day for table manners

What are your biggest pet peeves at the dinner table?
3:58 | 09/28/18

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Transcript for It's a bad day for table manners
Okay, so in continuing "Good day, B day," it a bad D for dining etiquette the case why -- S why is itt American wow -- are on the decline. So the author cites behavior. Thiss disgusti, . These are behaviorsha people re Yeah, when you're with people.lo. H, I can'ttat. Cleaning yoai toothpickt th sounds LI a subwaride that doe like a -- can we go back to the first one, louchewing? Do you know a loud chewer? Id to know E at wor Throw tm out here Oh, heck she would -- we always would type to ea other in E office, N you hear that apple? She'd eat loud food the whole time. It was just hard to fos. Dad is a Lou Doe talk thou W Ng? Notnecessaril but he ch what ishat thing whenyouhew every bi, like, a hured times? I'm, LE, just blendp and drin it, man. It takes forever to eat it. Ld. Y he would so lod go in thbasement dinner. I couldn't S it. De in the fly feel the same way, or did you just have sensitive ?ey, hey, H, good queio Table fops. O, but thawas just a- loud eating drives me nuts. Still? Ti to this D. Yes. E took an dience poll. Me culture quite like using a cell phone D we polled thdience andsked, do Y use your phone at dinner 45sa yes. 55% Sao. I guess I got a question, do U use yohone at Dinn Maxnd I are gd about saying, oh, I've got to check it for work. We verlly say itefore we check it. Are youhecking itor work? I'm checkinr text messages. He checks Twitter. Emergency tweet C that we ca-- What emergency text came in? Maybe my friend or my sister Ory mom might M aso thank gor texts. But it's veard, and I have to be very conscious, though, ofheau very easy just wiouhinking Abt it you it up andou go, I onhend people are king arou me and re with somebody but at time if soon does it to me, I'm kind of, like, why are they on the pho?ou need to be -- I saying to teayse very conscious. Wour kids see it because we know there wie me when th understanit when max Goeke this, H goes, Pak. No work. And I'm,ike, ohhat's sad. You should teach him to go no Twitter. Notter. That's T. I'doing that. That woul good. We asked the audience WHA nings driou Craner table. One was chg with mou open noisy -- sorry, three, biting off someelse's pla, oh, shoot. I dth two, badonversation. Ver do that. And, one, chewing with your moutopen so th wke on T Yh,ns the cak Two I don't mind so much becausou know, ily a D conversation you don't participate. Thre doff somebo's plat Oy, okay, oy, if I'm ING at theable -- I do hen you arg. You do not eat off som plate. Nothing sayiends and family like meching acro table to steal a frefry didn't O. Thank you. No. You know what, all I can say is if you wanted Y, order yr

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"What are your biggest pet peeves at the dinner table?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58152918","title":"It's a bad day for table manners","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/bad-day-table-manners-58152918"}