In case you missed it: Meghan Markle's rescue dog has his own book

Plus, find out what role "Cosby Show" actor Geoffrey Owens scored.
2:41 | 09/12/18

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Transcript for In case you missed it: Meghan Markle's rescue dog has his own book
missed it. G to start us off, Sara. Lead, Michael, just when dance. Reat news foto owens.remember him. He W famous for hisharacter on theosby show." He was here. He told he recenmade headles because someone took a picture of him working at trader's. He came Ter that hlanded a role on tylepey's show "The haves and haves.ooing to be on neorleans." That episode will air October. He said I was young and life was a long Tim I know B aithe same way. Everyohiathlete makellions of llars. It's not true. They don't? No,hey don't. You read about a guy getting a monumentontract an they'll say everybodyhat and we end of thday we havto take care of our fy and do whatever we need to do. I respect hir that. Congralas to Geoffrey Owens. I love Tyler Y. You know the craziest thing on our sh within 30 seconds of being in that interviewith robin, I look at my phone at the away from them T texted me and said I'm goi to give a Iove that. E uses hisown the right way, to help people. Thatabout Tyler Perr he's a man of his word and aof integrity. Mo -- he helps people out. Thank you Tyler Perry. Next N case youissed it, gooy. Meghan me's rescueog soon be a best sellinguthor. He has ahildren's book B released in November. S another releasing a book. Here's Enzo, "A giant among dogs." This is ael's dog. It's about Hise being a professional football player, fetcher.ostpit mer over thedesk. Ne S that. I didn't know my dog play footba.tta say if he did, he's probablyplayer THA. I love my he's got O and everything. He's a bet. He rithe bell wn needs to go outside.he's a miniature golden doodle'slliant. My dog barely lifted his leg. Coming back W going to make day of somebothe au come on back. ?????? [ ears and ala

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{"duration":"2:41","description":"Plus, find out what role \"Cosby Show\" actor Geoffrey Owens scored.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57774883","title":"In case you missed it: Meghan Markle's rescue dog has his own book","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/case-missed-meghan-markles-rescue-dog-book-57774883"}