Getting crafty with The Sorry Girls

Michael and Sara make some cool DIY at half the price with the YouTube stars.
6:07 | 02/08/19

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Transcript for Getting crafty with The Sorry Girls
It's time for our segment where we teach you how to impress your friends without breaking the bank. It's all about being bougie on a budget and here to help us out is a YouTube duo with over 1.5 million subscribers, the sorry girl check them out. My name is Kelsey. I'm Becky, and we are the sorry girls and we pride ourselves in making days that are affordable and on trend. DIY is what we're known for. We built our content around so much more. And we have dedicated our channel to inspiring creativity and empowering all the women and everybody that watches our YouTube videos. If you like it, make sure you give it a like. If you love it, make sure you sub it and we can't wait to see you in the comments with lots of DIY and video inspiration. See you. Bye. Please welcome Becky and Kelsey. Welcome, guys. So great to have you. First things first. The sorry girls. Yep. Where is the name coming from? We're Canadian and trying to show our Canadian pride. We say sorry a lot. Is that a Canadian thing? It's a thing. How do you say it? Sorry? We say sorry, and they're, like, you're the sorry girls? No. Sorry. It's a name because of that. Like that. Canianness. We love it. We're going to do a decor project from start to finish. That's how easy it is. We're going to get to it. Michael and I are both doing it as well. Follow along, and so something we love to do on our channel is we go the high end stores and create it on a budget. We have this print from mes from Z gallery, and it's about $100. Very steep in my opinion. So we're going to recreate it. For half the price. Half the price. Why are you wearing my favorite shirt? This is my smock. That's my shirt. It's my painting smock. It inspires me. Like Rick Ross, I'm going to paint. Bob Ross? That one. Okay. She said the painter, Rick Ross. Rick Ross is a rapper. That's a rapper. Bob -- just for that. Don't get any paint on my shirt please. We have an adhesive base on there. We have this gold foil package. Take it out. It's, like, so delicate. Be real careful. We're going to drop it onto where we put our adhesive base and drop it on. You'll need a couple of sheets and you have to be very careful. It's, like, putting the bougie on here with the gold. I'll help you with the sheet right here. Just drop it on. You got it. Wow. It's, like, really delicate. This is the art of it too. The more organic it looks, the more expensive. Push it on. Push it on. It's so unique. And then, once you have covered the whole thing -- Are you making it rain down there? That looks great, honestly. It looks great. Tell you right now. I used to love arts and crafts when I was a kid. Did you? Covered the whole thing? There was, like, a streak the that you can cover. Cool. Once it's already on -- Yes. I'm going to brush away the gold. Brush it away? Brush away the gold. You're nailing it. Look at that. The more I try to get it off -- Calling it nailing it. Perfect. Okay. Once we have our gold on there, we're set to do our colors. Hank you. So we can use the same brush. We don't care. We're going to get in there with some purple, and we're going to do brushes across the top. I love it. And a great tip with this is you can use whatever colors are already in your home and this painting is going to bring your whole house together. I don't have a lot of pesto. A lot of the lighters. You could do that. Do you use the same brush? Sure. Why not? That's great tip because it looks good when it's all mixed together. It makes the whole thing blend. That's my specialty. Whatever your inner Rick Ross is telling you, let's do it. Well played. Well played. Good. Good. All right. Keepgoing, and I'm going to do this dark magenta. Love it. Love it. This gold, strip of that. All the way across, and what else here? I'm going to switch for the lighter colors. You might want to use -- Are there any things you shouldn't do? Everything is working. At could I do to mess this up? Just be yourself. Oh, no. You have seen her do art projects before, people. He's being truthful. It happens. If you quit, you're messing it up. You have to stick with it and keep it going. Those are amazing. Does it get better as the night goes on? What's the reason behind that? I don't know. I just get better. Like a marble, I love that. The lines. You know what I like to do when I'm doing my crafts. What's that? I like to listen to Rick Ross. Okay, you guys. I'm going to paint it up here. Right here. And you are going to love my little deer. Are you guys done? It's looking so good. So the last step is to bring this whole thing together, we're going to frame it. We have these frames. Super simple. You can just slide in your canvas and lock it in the back. This is going to bring the whole thing together. Let's get my canvas. The whole canvas. Frame. Right? Looking good. The wire goes up on top. So you can see now we have it hung on the wall how well it really brings a room together. Especially if you already have purple tones or anything in your rooms already, it's the best way to do easy art that really ties together a room. You can do this, right? Right. Easy. Gorgeous. Pretty easy and fun. You can do this with your kids too for a great little -- How do you -- I like yours, Sara. You know, Sara is redoing our dressing room, so I'm going to gi mine for your room. You can hang it in there. That's right. For more of the sorry girls, make sure you check out and subscribe to their YouTube gl. Kelsey and Becky, thank you.

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{"duration":"6:07","description":"Michael and Sara make some cool DIY at half the price with the YouTube stars.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60941466","title":"Getting crafty with The Sorry Girls","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/crafty-girls-60941466"}