Hot tips for dealing with 'parent hangovers'

Lifestyle expert Evette Rios joins "GMA Day" to show Michael Strahan and Sara Haines which food and drinks can help remedy hangovers for parents.
4:04 | 01/11/19

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Transcript for Hot tips for dealing with 'parent hangovers'
We're joined by lifestyle expert and fellow mom, Evette Rios. We were talking about weekend plans. Right. Well, right now I'm pregnant so I don't get plans ever. There was a time when you hire a sitter and you're going to let loose, but you're already mourning the morning after. That is true because you don't want to talk about a parent hangover. Yes. But a parent hangover to be honest with you -- It's way worse. It's a thousand times worse than a regular hangover. All you single people out there, enjoy your hangovers. Live it. You wait. You wait. You just wait. There is nothing worse than being hungover. And you have to change diapers. I remember holding my son, like, "The lion king" with the faucet to wash him because I couldn't even touch the diaper. I was, like, I'm going to shower you like this. I couldn't handle it. My husband had a night out recently meaning last night and when he woke up he was in rough shape and he was texting me and he was, like, this is a special form of torture. It is because you're, like, wake up. Wake up. Mommy, mommy. It's terrible. I used to wake up. Enjoy the television program. Exactly. Just the noise was so magnifying. But I was happy because with twins it was tough, but once they got to a certain age, I was, like, play with each other and you weren't the entertainment. Made those hangovers a little bit better. My kids are two years apart and now they play on their own which is amazing. Now we have movie mornings and when mommy has a movie morning, it means mommy is hungover. And mommy turns on a movie and they can eat whatever they get in the fridge. I was hungover and the daughter went in and said, oh, mommy's got the flu. Dad says, you don't want the type of flu mommy's got. But it's the real thing. The self-inflicted flu. Exactly. Exactly. There are ways you can actually -- We need some help. Parents are actually very well equipped with the stuff you may have around your house to deal with the parent hangover. I love these things. I eat these every summer. What color do you want? I'll take this one. Electrolyte drinks. Scour them in your bag. These are awesome. They have sodium and they will replace your electrolytes and they will make you feel as close to a million bucks and you have got the pops. Even better. I could just eat these without even a hangover. They're not bad. Preventive, Michael. I like it. Would you like to try that? There you go. They're not bad. I'm not saying you have a hangover. I'm just sharing. I'm not going to be able to get on board with this second one. I don't love milk, but I'll let him do it. You paid good money to do this. Do it. Check this out. Put the nipple in the right place. It's a nipple. I'm going to put that down. So milk. It turns out actually -- What does milk do? A lot of people will drink milk before they go out drinking, but it turns out it works when you have got a hangover too. There is a protein in it called casein and it helps you digest your alcohol. It coats your stomach and helps you digest the alcohol you have got. You know kids drink half a bottle and then leave it. Suck it down. No, suck it down. I see pickles and that is really good for me right now. You like pickles? I'm pregnant and they're a craving of mine. Keep them while you're not pregnant. Make sure you have pickle juice. That's right. The vinegar, the salt is going to help you feel good. I showed up here with a hangover. It's already gone. It's amazing. Thank you. Thank you so much for these tips.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"Lifestyle expert Evette Rios joins \"GMA Day\" to show Michael Strahan and Sara Haines which food and drinks can help remedy hangovers for parents.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60316743","title":"Hot tips for dealing with 'parent hangovers' ","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/hot-tips-dealing-parent-hangovers-60316743"}