An incredible half-siblings reunion

After getting her DNA tested, Brandi Broxson made a big discovery.
6:11 | 02/11/19

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Transcript for An incredible half-siblings reunion
so unbelievable that it could be a plot on "All my children." Senior editor of "Real simple" magazine, Brandi broxon sent in her DNA for on ancestry on a whim, and you will never believe the surprise she received. Joining us is Brandi broxon. Yeah. Hi. Hi. So this story really is, like, crazy to comprehend. It's incredible. It's incredible. Now you and your brother always knew your father was a sperm donor growing up. We did. We did. It was never a secret. I don't remember us sitting down as a family and having that conversation, but it was just always brought up. Someone in my class would say, oh. You must be tall like your dad and my parents would use that as, like, a gentle reminder to us that he's not our biological father, but it was something that I was always curious about. My parents always asked us if we had questions about it. I really didn't until I got older and weed to learn more, and then last year I set this goal to do the things that made me uncomfortable and that was one of those things. So when I got an e-mail from a family history company asking if I wanted to do a DNA test, I was, like, all right. I'm going to do it. This is my chance. So you took a risk. You sent in the test. Yes. What were the results? Yes. So I actually got to meet with a genealogist when I got the results back, and I went in to meet with her, and I really thought she was just going to tell me, like, you're 20% Polish or 10% this or whatever. Like the commercial. I just pictured, like, a pie chart of percentages, but when I met with her, I could tell that she knew a little bit more. Mm-hmm. They had seen my family tree and they knew I didn't know my biological father's side of the family. So she told me when we first started talking that when my DNA went into the system that I got messages. I started receiving messages, and they were from half siblings. Yeah. Yes. They messaged me and said, we matched as close family. Did your parents use a donor? I think that we're half siblings. Did it freak you out when you heard that? It was really hard to believe. Yeah. So I had always thought about a biological father, but didn't really think of these half siblings that I probably had, and so Mike was one of them who had sent me a message and I went and looked at his Facebook profile with the genealogist and I was, like, wow. We look alike. Yeah. You discovered ten total half siblings? Ten total. One of which was working in the building you work in. Yes. Yes. So that's Mike. So Mike is the older -- the oldest brother. Okay. And yeah. We work in the same building. Mike's here. Do you want him to come up? Yeah. Mike, come on up, buddy. Come on up, buddy. Good to see you, man. Thank you for being here. It's nice to see you. So you two, half siblings, work in the same building, had no idea, but what was it like when you two finally met? Yeah. So it was kind of funny because we talked on Facebook a little bit before, and Mike was, like, oh, I live in Brooklyn. I was, like, I live in Brooklyn too, and he was, like, oh, well, I work in Manhattan. I was, like, so do I. He was, like, I work at Brookfield place, and I was, like, so do I. I'm on the ninth floor. Mike is about 30 floors above me, and I feel like as a journalist I'm trained to be skeptical so when he told me we worked in the same building, I didn't totally 100% believe him until I saw him that day we met walking from the elevator bank and I was, like, wow. He really does work in my building. So yeah. We met. We went out for drinks at a little dive bar close to our building. It was pretty incredible that first meeting. How was it for you, Mike? This whole experience? It's been remarkable to be quite honest. So I got the DNA test as well last Christmas. I sent it in. At that time, it took about eight weeks. I matched with one sister. I was riding the subway home and I found out I had a new sister and to me, that was unbelievable, and within a couple of days I matched with another person, another brother. When I spoke to him, he actually knew a couple other sibling as well so they were brought into the fold and this whole thing has just become this gigantic Facebook messaging, like, chat group. Was there any talk of a reunion? Are you going to meet them at the dive bar by the building? It's something that we have talked about because we're all over the country and so we kind of talked about, like, Texas being the central, you know, point for us to meet. But yeah. We want to give you guys -- we want to do a recap on all of this, okay? Okay. So to give you all a full picture here, there are 11 total siblings. They are spread across the country. You have Brandi right here, and Mike and his brothers Patrick and cooper. Joe in upstate New York, and then Dustin, Kaitlyn, Owen, Whitney, Allie, and the latest addition, Shannon. You all rank in age from 30 to 18 years old. We got to know Shannon just about a week ago. We matched with her as close family on the DNA site. So it's been quite a ride. Well, we wanted to see all of this happen. We really wanted a reunion so badly so we decided to make it happen here. Come on out, guys. Wow. Hello, hello, hello. Oh my gosh. This is like a day of reunions around here. Come on in. We don't have enough room on our couch or our studio for all of this, but you know what? We'll be right back, you guys. Stay right there. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"6:11","description":"After getting her DNA tested, Brandi Broxson made a big discovery.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60995508","title":"An incredible half-siblings reunion","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/incredible-half-siblings-reunion-60995508"}