Kelsey Grammer reads dramatic lines and plays the TV name game

Kelsey gets dramatic with Michael and Sara. Also, can he remember all the TV characters he's played?
6:18 | 02/14/19

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Transcript for Kelsey Grammer reads dramatic lines and plays the TV name game
Valentine's day with the one and the only Kelsey Grammer. Oh, yeah. Now, we gotta talk about the new show. "Proven innocent." One thing Michael and I both loved about it is it's honing in on wrongfully convicted people. Right. Right. The premise of the show is there's a law group. I think there really is one in Chicago called the innocence project, I think. Mm-hmm. That focuses on people wrongfully convicted. So, they go through case by case and decide whether or not they're going to represent someone and try to get their case vacated or dismissed. And I'm the bad guy. I'm the one that put everyone there. In an underhanded way, apparently. But -- but what's interesting about playing my guy is he's actually doing his job. He thinks he's doing his job. He's obviously made a few mistakes. But there's a huge cost that comes for that for the people that have been wrongfully incarcerated. It's a timely, very well-written show. It's like a procedural, but flipped a little bit. And there's a lot of twists and turns. I think it will be a fun ride. I hope people watch it. Because, there are some real surprises in it. It has an undercurrent of an unsolved murder case. It's a little bit like who shot J.R.? That's a "Dallas" reference for the millennials. For those who don't know. The innocence project. A friend of mine, Jason, is a big part of that. So many people have been wrongfully convictednd have been overturned. So I think that the series is so timely when it comes to that. Very important. Important for people to be aware. Yes. Now, just as important and hard-hitting is we know as a lawyer selling dramatic legal one-liners is really crucial. Yes, yes, so it is, yes. So we want you to look into that prompter. We have hard-hitting lines we would like you to deliver in your character. Okay. Let me have a go at this. Get the glasses out. These are not for me. This is for the aracter. Just the character. Sometimes the guiltiest of criminals are -- the innocent. Let me try this one now. The only eyewitness to this murder is god. The defense should rest. In peace. I love it. The defendant bought my client dinner and then murdered her for dessert. That's actually pretty funny. I say stuff like this all the time. Just at home, this is with the kids most of the time. In your professional opinion, was the client -- under the influence of black magic? Oh. Cliff hanger. Now you need to tune in and watch, guys. A man of many, many, many talents. Now, your character in this show, gore bellows. What a great name, gore bellows. You have had interesting names in the course of your career. This is the name-testing you warned me about. We're going to do a name game. We're going the name some of your characters and see if you can tell us which project they're from. Also, we through a few curveballs in there. Some of them are fake. I'm going to give you the first one. Real and if so, what it's from. Chuck darling. Yes. I played chuck darling on a show called "Back to you." You got it. Yes. Nick St. Nicholas. I think that's probably true. I played Mr. St. Nick in a movie. There you go, man. Okay, here we go. Frasier crane. Tough one. Yeah, that's a real name. I'll tell you something interesting about the name. It was originally written as Frasier nye. There was a comedian named Louis nye. A borscht guy. I thought this character that I was playing was a little bit more preppy. You know, and not necessarily nye wasn't the right name. I suggested a different name. They came up with crane. I didn't do that. But -- originally, Frasier nye. Then Frasier crane. What show is Frasier crane? Um, "Frasier." There was another one. One episode -- "Cheers" and "Wings." One episode of "Wings." You got a great memory. I have. Lowell groundswell. I think that's false. You got it. Okay. Sounds like a great name. You can keep that for later. One last one. Angelo aldombrandini. I think that's false, too. No, that's real. Angelo aldonbrandini from "Reach me." Oh, you know what, yeah, I didn't know his last name. That's when you know you have had an amazing career where you have time to forget your roles. I wish you had a clip. That was really fun. I just walked on. I was like the head thug of a mafia sort of organization. I walked on a golf course and just punched a guy out. It was so funny. Just like -- The name doesn't roll off the tongue. We'll forgive you for that one. We appreciate you being here. It's Valentine's day. Is there a message you would like to send to your wife? Yes. I've been told that I can do this. There? There? Over there. ??? Now I've found you and the world must know your glory ??? Love you, kayte. Wow, wow. Happy Valentine's day, baby. That was beautiful. Kelsey's show, "Proven innocent" premiers Friday, 9:00 P.M. On fox. Make sure you go check it out.

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{"duration":"6:18","description":"Kelsey gets dramatic with Michael and Sara. Also, can he remember all the TV characters he's played?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61077376","title":"Kelsey Grammer reads dramatic lines and plays the TV name game","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/kelsey-grammer-reads-dramatic-lines-plays-tv-game-61077376"}