Michael and Sara's Chicago lunch surprise

Michael and Sara shine a spotlight on Flowers for Dreams, which donates 25% of their proceeds to local charities.
3:44 | 05/07/19

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Transcript for Michael and Sara's Chicago lunch surprise
We are highlighting one of my favorite cities this week -- Chicago. And we heard about a local flower shop that not only has incredible bouquets but also gives back to their community by donating 25% of their proceeds to local charities. That really, really is amazing. It's so amazing in fact that we wanted to meet them. We got our sister station WLS to help us out. Judy Hsu is at flowers for dreams with the co-owners, and Judy, what's going on over there with those guys? Hi, Michael and Sara. Welcome to Chicago. Yes, we're here at flowers for dreams. It's such an incredible story of giving bouquets of flowers and giving back to the community. These are the two guys behind the entire concept. Are you ready for mother's day weekend? We're really excited. We wanted to give you this bouquet. This is what's all about. Your story is just it blows people away. Michael and Sara, I hope you can see all of the employees working hard here today getting ready for mother's day. Say hi to Michael and Sara. All: Hi! Hey, everybody. Hi guys, one question I had for you is, you have such an interesting story of how your shop started, can you tell us about that? Yeah, Joe and I started it when we were 19 years old as a way to make money for college. We sold flowers at graduation ceremonies. For every bouquet we sold to a parent, we would donate a backpack complete with school supplies to a student in need. It kind of picked up from there. We talked about you guys, you give 25% back to the community. I mean, that's just an amazing thing. How did you come up with 25%? What made you guys want to give back to the city of Chicago? Thanks, Michael. Honestly, it was an easy decision. When we started this business back in 2012, if we make a dollar, so, we created a crazy idea of giving a quarter of our profit to a different charity each month. Now, today, we have donated nearly $500,000 to over 50 charities around the chicagoland and Milwaukee area just on the sell of flowers. It's such a great Chicago story. Judy, you mentioned it's mother's day. For a flower shop this is one of the biggest weeks of the year, but also, because you guys are such awesome people doing local business and giving back to the community, you guys are amazing. We wanted to treat you a little. It's lunchtime here and we wanted to treat you guys all to lunch. Flowers for dreams. On behalf of the amazing people from ABC, Michael and Sara, thank you so much. You're welcome. So, Judy -- Thanks you guys so much. Welcome. Judy, can you help us out with the lunch right now? Yeah, absolutely. So, free lunch courtesy of Michael and Sara. They found out what your favorite lunch spot is. Thank you to all of you for doing great work in Chicago. Around giving back to the community. Michael and Sara, love all the love for Chicago. Thank you. Tell you what, you guys -- you guys are amazing. Judy, thank you so much. Happy mother's day. Really, you know, I know this is in Chicago, hopefully other cities will see this and they'll give back. It's a joy to have you guys on our show. Enjoy that free lunch. From our peers of "Strahan &

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"Michael and Sara shine a spotlight on Flowers for Dreams, which donates 25% of their proceeds to local charities.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62879842","title":"Michael and Sara's Chicago lunch surprise","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/michael-saras-chicago-lunch-surprise-62879842"}